Dungarees Trend: Spring 2014

By Jill Hekman | Ads Disclosure | 15/04/2014 10:01
Dungarees Trend: Spring 2014

Old-school is back!

Some of us may remember dungarees being a big hit in the '90's, probably because we were all huge fans of Charlene (aka Kylie) in Neighbours. However this Spring 2014 they are back again and trendier than ever before. This comeback have been seen all over the catwalks in London Fashion Week.

Spotted Celebrities

Dungarees have been spotted on celebrities everywhere in the UK and across the Atlantic. Pixie Lott in Primrose Hill has been seen with just a pair of pastel gingham cutoffs with tough lace-up boots for an edgy street style look. Alexa Chung has been seen in many variations. She has been seen sporting the perfect airport style with a pair of jean dungarees with a comfy shirt, ballerinas and trench coat. She also has been seen in an ultra cool hot pants pair.

All Ages & Accessories

Dungarees are for all ages. We've spotted Sarah Jessica Parker in NYC in a super cool pair. So this is not a fashion piece to miss. Like jumpsuits and playsuits they are so easy to wear. You just need to choose a top and footwear and you're ready. Depending on your footwear and accessories, you can make completely different looks. You can create a stylish chic look with a statement necklace, tailored jacket and heels or a casual street look with a t-shirt, trilby hat and cool trainers.


There are so many various styles. First you have the classic one, which is stone-wash denim. A great alternative is a dark denim pinafore dress which has been seen on Helena Christensen. You can also create a chic stylish look like hers – just add heels, the right fitted jacket, sunglasses and bag. But dungarees don't have to be denim. You can choose a smart black tailored pair and team it with a shirt and heels and wear it to work. The prettier and more feminine variations are printed pinafore dresses. So many to choose from, you can certainly find one that fits your style.

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