Fashiola.co.uk loves Emma Campbell from Whatemmadid.com!

By Jill Hekman | Ads Disclosure | 23/01/2015 10:00
Fashiola.co.uk loves Emma Campbell from Whatemmadid.com!

Today we've got a great interview with Manchester based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Emma Campbell who writes a blog called Whatemmadid.com. We love to find out her top five must-haves and her inspiration and what magazine she reads. Don't you just love to read that really we're all alike! We all love to find a good bargain and we always have a constant wish-list! Read on to find out more about Emma.....

Tell us something about yourself!

I'm Emma, I'm a fashion and beauty blogger who also has 8 years experience working within the fashion industry aside from the blog, therefore fashion is actually my life! I set up whatemmadid.com 5 years ago, and it scooped the award with Cosmopolitan for Best New Fashion Blog in 2010. The rest has been a lovely, fun 5 years...

How do you ensure that your blog remains creative and innovative?
I try to create a personal feel by writing about personal topics and area's I want to cover, so that there's always a good mix on the blog. It's nice to incorporate personal photography featuring the styles I like and places I visit, events I go to etc etc so that it has that 'realness'. I'm always researching new brands and new launches every week, so I can feature content that's new and interesting for my readers.

How would you describe your clothing style? Where do you get your inspiration from?
I'm fairly simple; I love classic pieces in neutral, monochrome or muted colour palettes, with the occasional splash of colour depending on the event, time of year, or my mood! I am really girly; you'll always find me in little dresses and heels, or fitted jeans with blouses or classic tee's. I do love a good pair of leggings and oversized hoodies though! I get inspiration from the High Street, various travelling, fashion shoots and magazines. Sometimes, a celebrity who always gets is right is a great inspiration source too!

What is your favourite fashion magazine?
I have been dedicated to Elle for the past 10 years. I love lots of them, but I love the mix of shopping pages and editorial features that Elle feature. 

Do you have other hobbies besides blogging?
I go to the gym when I can, and I'm really into healthy eating therefore I like to bake sugar-free foods and come up with some nice baking ideas. I should blog about them more really! I'm also looking at setting up a little dress boutique, so fashion buying has been taking up a lot of time recently.

Name your 5 ultimate fashion must haves?

  • a fitted black blazer for important occasions
  • a good pair of fitted denim jeans
  • a pair of neutral coloured platform heels that are a fail safe for any dress
  • a smart white blouse that also sits well with jeans
  • a smart, figure enhancing trench coat

What is currently on your wish-list?
Or more like...what isn't on my wish-list! I have a lot of things I am lusting after in 2015, including a new hoody for loungewear that also looks 'cool' for weekends, maybe a Jack Wills one. I also want a pair of Thigh High boots - flat or with a low heel. The pair I want from Russell and Bromley are a little out of budget! In terms of budget, I desperately need a new MAC blusher brush.

Name some of your favourite bloggers
There are lots, although they tend to be the more traditional, London based fashion bloggers who kick started 'the pack' - Liberty London Girl, The Blonde Salad, and Cocos Tea Party.

Why do you find their blogs so good to read?
They write really well as well as report on a range of topics. I got into blogging after graduating in journalism, and these bloggers come across like they have a written background too. Their blogs are more editorial than style shot focused, which is my personal favourite type of blog.

Your preference: online or offline shopping?
Eeek... both? Do I have to chose? Um... offline. Nothing beats a good rummage.

Do you have a handy styling tip?
I would say that a nice, elasticated waist-belt is an essential purchase, in case you wear a dress which fits a little baggy or needs some shaping adding to it. And a black trilby style hat is perfect for bad hair days, yet still gives that stylish touch.

Your most recent fashion purchase?

I bought a grey and black panel dress from H&M, it's lovely! Very fitting though, won't be ideal for when I'm out eating!

What is your most expensive purchase?

I'm very good with this - I rarely make expensive purchases! I honestly can't tell you... possibly a Miu Miu handbag but that was 6 years ago and I have never made a purchase similar to it since!

Thanks so much Emma for the great interview! If you are curious to read more about 'what emma did' then check out her blog!

Fashiola.co.uk loves Emma Campbell from Whatemmadid.com!
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