Maxi Dresses from Bloomingdales

By Jill Hekman | Ads Disclosure | 07/04/2014 11:26
Maxi Dresses from Bloomingdales


Bloomingdales has always been well-known in New York and I can still remember the first time I went there to check out the latest fashions. Well OK, really I went for the exclusive little brown bag, but it's just one of those compulsory things you have to do in the Big Apple. Along with drinking Starbucks and walking very fast like you are on a mission. Well New York is a bit like London in that respect. Thankfully now, we don't have to travel across the Atlantic to check out the latest fashions from this famous shop, as now it's all online.

Maxi Dresses

There are lots of amazing clothes on this website and I would love to show you all of them, but I have had to narrow my search to maxi dresses and here are four of my favourites. So if you could choose one of these long dresses, which one would it be? It's a tough one. All of them are so classic and elegant. In fact you would look and feel amazing in any of them. A maxi dress is a must-have in any girls wardrobe. It's so easy to wear, comfortable and very flattering. You only have to think about which footwear and accessories to combine with your outfit. A maxi dress is always a classic on a sunny day. Perfect if you are meeting a friend for lunch in an outside cafe and want to enjoy a glass of prosecco in the sun. Just team it up with some sandals and of course a cool pair of sunglasses. A maxi dress is also a great choice if you going to a wedding. Just glam it up with a stylish pashmina and a pair of shockingly tall high heels (but don't worry, you can always take them off at the very end of the night when you hit the dance floor.... I'm sure you won't be alone).

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