Monochrome is back!

By Jill Hekman | Ads Disclosure | 03/04/2014 14:04
Monochrome is back!

Monochrome trend is back! But it's not that much of a surprise as it's such a classic trend to wear whatever the season. It's a trend that will return again and again, so it's always useful to have some black and white in your wardrobe. This spring/summer 2014 this trend has been updated to look more chic and is a must-have this season.

Celebrities wearing monochrome

We've seen this trend everywhere. At the 2014 golden globes when Jennifer Lawrence wore a beautiful white Dior gown with black band detailing. Then we've seen all celebrities wear the trend in their own style. That's the best thing about this trend is that it's wearable for everyone and you can adapt it to your own style. Kelly Osbourne wears it with an edgy tough biker jacket, Kylie just wears a mini monochrome dress with scarlet red lipstick, Felicity Jones always looks classic in a tailored black and white two-piece, Lily Allen opts for a minimalistic look with all black and just a touch of white panelling detail on her pencil skirt and printed monochrome shoes, Fearne Cotton looks stunning in a tiger-print black and white jumpsuit, Daisy Lowe is bold in head-to-toe checks and Jessica Alba hits it out of the park with a smoking tuxedo. So choose any clothes items, choose any fabrics, choose to clash prints, choose head-to-toe, choose to keep it subtle and minimalistic. Just make sure that you choose this trend.

Monochrome is back!
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