Spring in the office!

By Jill Hekman | Ads Disclosure | 05/05/2014 15:00
Spring in the office!

The perfect spring business outfit

The recent sunny weather gives us the opportunity to start wearing a spring look in the office again. So what is the perfect outfit for work?

Here is a great classic business outfit that you can wear for work in the spring that really is beautiful, feminine and businesslike all at the same time.

We’ve chosen the bold colour orange to be the primary colour for this work outfit. Orange is bright, vibrant and a great colour that is energetic and summary. However if orange isn’t your thing, then you can choose any bright colour you like. The trick is to choose just one colour and keep the rest of your outfit neutral.

This shift dress from Joseph is a classic style and great to wear in the office and the orange leather cross body bag from Amazon is a perfect match. Everyone should have a classic beige or white blazer in their wardrobe that is great to wear with any outfit. This one from Carin Wester has a beautiful cut. We’ve chosen this animal print scarf from House of Fraser to make the outfit a bit more trendy and edgy.

So what do you think to our beautiful and feminine business outfit?

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