Spring skirts for girls!

By Jill Hekman | Ads Disclosure | 16/04/2014 12:40
Spring skirts for girls!

I just love these skirts from Melijoe and Zalando. Both these shops have an amazing array of skirts for girls. Here we can see the trends that are so prominent in women's fashion like animal prints, florals, denim, also have a huge presence in kids fashion. So in spring 2014, your little ones can wear bold, bright, colourful, patterned and flowery styles.

Not only will you want to buy one of these for your daughter, she will also want to wear it. How often have you bought something and your kids say 'I don't like it!'. Fortunately these girly vibrant skirts will be loved by any girl. You can team it up with a beautiful top or blouse and jacket. Don't forget to choose leggings and shoes to match. The skirt makes the statement, so the rest of the outfit can be more subtle to compliment it.. Don't forget a nice scarf or hair accessories just to complete the outfit. Well, I'm sure you're daughter will be happy to choose her favourites to go in the 'shopping basket'. Sometimes they can surprise you by creating quirky stylish outfits that are very individual.

Every girl would love to wake up in the morning and put on her favourite skirt. Perfect for a day out, or a party or just to feel a bit special. Your daughter can imagine that she is on safari with the zebra silk muslin one or in the jungle with the flared jungle print one. Great for their imagination but also great for their style! The brand Scotch & Soda have a really beautiful range. A flowing pink one, a faded indigo one or a flowing neon crepe one. Little Marc Jacobs have a cute pleated patterned one.

Clothes are more important than just keeping warm. They should be fun. Get your kids inspired!

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