Vintage and Retro

By Jill Hekman | Ads Disclosure | 24/04/2014 12:30
Vintage and Retro

Who doesn't love vintage and retro?

It's a classic style that will be loved forever. Some people want to have a complete vintage wardrobe like Dita Von Teese. But some people, such as Kate Moss, like to have a few key items that are timeless and ultimately can never go out of fashion.

But what exactly is this style? In a nutshell, generally speaking, clothing from the 1920's to twenty years ago is so called vintage. Retro is just a shortened word for 'retrospective' and refers to clothes that imitate a previous era. So, history lesson over! But maybe we should all learn from this and not throw anything away.... maybe, just maybe we'll have our own vintage clothes to pass down to future generations.

Vintage inspired clothes is a style that is elegant and chic. Think about a fit and flare dress (Stylebop), a tailored jacket (Marc By Marc Jacobs), lace gloves, antique jewellery (Farfetch) and t-bar or court shoes (Miss L'Fire and Art).  Graphic print, shimmer, pastels, shine, glimmer, polka-dot and glitter are all key to a great retro look. So if you want to have the really 'girly' girl look, then this is perfect. To complete the look then get inspired with some retro hairstyles like a beehive and some stunning red lipstick. Great to wear for a glamorous evening out, as it's an outfit that will get you a lot of attention. Also a fantastic look for a special day out at the races or a wedding.  

So if you are already a lover of this style, then get inspired by the latest designers take on it. If you have never bought anything like this before, then it's time to try!

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