Fashiola.co.uk loves fashion blogger Rosalind from Clothes, Cameras and Coffee!

By Jill Hekman | Bloggers | 19/11/14
Fashiola.co.uk loves fashion blogger Rosalind from Clothes, Cameras and Coffee!

Rosalind Jana is a student studying English literature and language at Oxford. For most people this would be enough, but for Rosalind this is just part of what she does. In her spare time she's a blogger (topics include fashion/style, sustainability, vintage and body image). She's been featured in magazines like the Sunday Times Style, Grazia, Teen Tatler, Teen Vogue. In fact she won the Vogue Talent contest for young writers in 2011. It's funny to hear that she actually started her blog 'Clothes, Cameras and Coffee' in 2009 when she was ill at home one day from school. It's so inspiring to see a young woman with so much talent and ambition. Read on to find out more ......

The Interview

Tell us something about yourself!
I had spinal surgery when I was 15, so I have two metal rods in my back.

How did you get your blog name?
It was kind of chosen on a whim. I liked the idea of something alliterative, and the three things - clothes, cameras and coffee - all seemed to fit well (although ironically I drank a lot less coffee then than I do now).

What do you like about blogging?

It allows me to connect with an expansive audience of all ages from across the globe. That is unbelievably exciting. Also, having a platform where I can unravel ideas and analyse debates and (occasionally) dress up as Oscar Wilde or pay homage to Isabella Blow is great fun. 

How do you ensure that your blog remains creative and innovative?
I'm always reading the news, reading books, going to exhibitions, thinking about things, having conversations with friends and family - all of this tends to feed back into what I produce for my blog.

What is your favorite fashion magazine?
At the moment (huge bias alert) it's Violet magazine. I'm junior editor, so not exactly a neutral party, but I love the way it marries an appreciation for style with intelligent content that doesn't patronise its readers. I'm actually also rather partial to Elle.

Do you have other hobbies besides blogging?
So many! Reading (I'm doing a degree in English literature and language), writing (especially poetry), theatre, photography and art (I love the chance to squeeze in some life drawing whenever I can). 

Name your 5 ultimate fashion must haves:
This changes all the time for me. At the moment though, it's probably a crisp white tailored shirt, a sixties mini-dress, some Chelsea boots for stomping around in, velvet shorts, and some ridiculously impractical vintage cocktail dress. 

Name your favorite trend of the moment:
I really have no idea! I don't really follow trends, so I'm not even sure what's popular at the moment. I wrote a piece a while ago kind of satirising the return of the shearling leather jacket though (see the blog here), and I am wearing my own a lot at the moment.. 

Describe your favorite outfit that you've posted on your blog:
I don't really have a favourite, as my style has a evolved a lot in the last few years. One of my favourites though, for sheer impractical fabulous-ness and an overdose of yellow, is this one here. It's all second hand, comprised of very tiny yellow shorts, a vintage yellow blazer and a shirt that belonged to my great-grandma. Your most recent fashion purchase: A pair of khaki vintage culottes - they have a beautiful shape.

Thanks so much for the interview Rosalind :)

Love Jill
Fashiola.co.uk loves fashion blogger Rosalind from Clothes, Cameras and Coffee!

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