Fashiola loves fashion blogger Chayanika Rabha from Selestyme

By Jill Hekman | Bloggers | Ads Disclosure | 15/04/2015 11:31
Fashiola loves fashion blogger Chayanika Rabha from Selestyme

Check out our interview with the fashion blogger Chayanika Rabha from the blog 'Selestyme'. If you read on then you will get to know a lot about her. She's a social butterfly who loves to keep up-to-date with all the latest fashion. In this interview we get to know her personal style and her outfit choices. Read on to find out more about Selestyme.....

Tell us something about yourself?
Well I am an idiot who always tries to find happiness everywhere..eh!  Basically I am a law student, and of course, a dreamer too.

Why did you start blogging?
Truth be told, I never thought or planned to be a blogger but it just happened and it seems like I am doing very well. Let's hope for the best. 

Where do you see your blog in ten years?
Ten years from now, I want my blog to more popular than it is now to be honest, and I want it to shine and prosper. I also want to be a far more better in it. 

Do you have other hobbies besides blogging?
No, I don't have any other hobbies to be frank. but I am a dreamer so you never know, what may be my next interest.

Name your 5 ultimate fashion must haves?
I prefer clothes according to the occasion though. But if i needed to select my fab 5 from my wardrobe it would be
- blue skinny jeans for everyday use.
- an effortless white t-shirt.
- a perfect leather jacket, that would further brighten any look of mine.
- a perfect body fitted blazer.
- a beautiful skater skirt for a change.

Name your favourite trend of the moment.
Usually I never follow any trend but at this moment I am pretty much obsessed with denim on denim trend.

Which of the items in your wardrobe has a special memory?
I am a fun loving girl and I love to keep and share my best memories with all so I can't describe about any particular special item from my wardrobe because there are plenty.

Name some of your favourite bloggers.
Some of my favourite bloggers both national and international are
- NiLu Yuleena Thapa as bighairloudmouth.
-Sheryl Luke as walkinwonderland.
-Vanessa Hong as thehautepersuit.

Do you have a handy styling tip.
A tip from my side would be "Be confident and love what you wear". 

Your favourite piece of clothing right now.
My favourite piece of clothing right now is Maxi slit top from Zachi.com 

Describe your favourite outfit that you have posted on your blog?
My favourite outfit post from my blog is THE BLACK GAME as i am a black lover.
What do you look for in a first outfit from someone else?
The first thing that I observe in an individual's outfit and their colour combination, if the colours are complementing each other and how well they carry it off. 

What is your most expensive purchase ?
I prefer intelligent shopping but as for now I am just a college student. I have to look after my expenditures with the pocket money I get so among all my purchases the costliest shopping I've done so far was my Asos duster coat.

What do you like about Fashiola- the fashion finder.
Fashiola- The Fashion Finder, just the name describes it all. I really like the way you all are promoting the other fellow bloggers. The dress collections are pretty awesome and some have definitely caught my eye.

Which shops and brands could you not live without?
Definitely River island and forever21.

Thanks so much Chayanika for the interview. We love it :)

Fashiola loves fashion blogger Chayanika Rabha from Selestyme

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