Styling guide: mom jeans outfit a la Bella Hadid

By Jill Hekman | Celebrity Sightings | Ads Disclosure | 16/12/15
Styling guide: mom jeans outfit a la Bella Hadid

While many trends are determined by the major fashion shows of renowned designers, nowadays more and more trends arise from the street style of fashionistas. I think that this is more fun because here you can get a lot of inspiration for totally wearable looks. One of the trends we see a lot (and I like to wear myself) are mom jeans. But how do you combine the mom jeans into a fashionable outfit?

The mom jeans

A pair of mom jeans is actually a combination of high-waisted and boyfriend. It has a high-waist, up to your belly button, and is made of sturdy denim. In the 80s these jeans were also quite trendy and were very probably worn by your mum!

Tips & tricks for an outfit with mom jeans

With a high waist, you legs start to look longer. But this style of denim jeans also puts emphasis on the hips and thighs. It is good to take this into account when combining these trousers. If you have a slim waist, it's perfect for you. Lay some extra focus on a shorter top (or crop top). You will find that your waistline then seems even smaller!

But if you don't want to get cold around the midriff then wear a fine chunky knit sweater that is a little shorter. Wear it to the level of your belt. Take a look at this  mom jeans outfit a la Bella Hadid (pictured)! You could also swap the jumper for a wide top, sweater or blouse. The high waist hides all those flabby bits, so it's very flattering on your stomach.

Which shoes do you wear under this jeans outfit?

Heels are safe choices with these jeans. Heels are a great choice particularly if you are small and they are also very slimming. Another alternative to look classy and sophisticated is a pair of ankle boots with a block heel. Then you can create a nice retro look. In a nutshell, combine mom jeans outfit with a pair of heels and you're ready to go!

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Styling guide: mom jeans outfit a la Bella Hadid
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