Introducing UNLIKE ANY

By Philippa Jones | News | Ads Disclosure | 24/07/17
Introducing UNLIKE ANY

If you are struggling a little for motivation on this Monday morning, we have the perfect remedy. Over the next 5 weeks we are partnering with Under Armour to bring you the stories of 5 incredible female athletes that are UNLIKE ANY…

The UNLIKE ANY Campaign

This campaign focuses on the power of women and celebrating those that are achieving unbelievable feats of athleticism beyond anything the world has ever seen. They have teamed up with 5 amazing women and spoken word artists and poets to create some seriously powerful videos that show the power of women.

Each week we will be bringing you a new story from each athlete and how they are UNLIKE ANY. We are also super excited to announce a competition where you could win a head to toe Under Armour look and get featured right here on Fashiola. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog telling us why you are UNLIKE ANY.

Introducing UNLIKE ANY

Natasha Hastings

This week we are talking all about Natasha Hastings, a 400m athlete who made the USA Olympic team at the age of 22. Sometimes known as the “400M Diva” she has a reputation for combining femininity and power and proving that those two attributes are not mutually exclusive.

With Olympic and World Championship medals under her belt, Natasha is a force to be reckoned with and once you see her video, you will understand why....

One of the most powerful things about this video are the words by award winning poet Dominique Christina. When you hear those worlds, you can’t help but be motivated. For us, the last few lines of the poem really leave us with a feeling that we can do more, be more and achieve whatever we want.

“I figured out how to fly

How to command my limbs

Of my immaculate womanness

The red lipstick war paint,

I am a chariot of possibility.”

If you have ever felt that doubt was a hiss in your ear, Natasha Hastings is proof that you can overcome this and achieve your dreams.

Check back next week for the next story of a female athlete that is UNLIKE ANY...


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  • Georgia O'Brien

    I'm unlike any because I have never given up on the idea that one day I could run faster, jump higher or be stronger despite my coordination disorder. They told me I'd find it difficult to ride a bike, but I now cycle to work. They told me following steps in a routine would be difficult, but I now go to Barre classes regularly and (almost) never miss a beat. I feel stronger than ever, and I'm glad that I didn't let dyspraxia hold me back from being the person I wanted to be.

  • Gemma Holland

    I'm unlike any as I aim to be the best I can, my way. I don't follow exercise fads or trends, I train for my own body and make my own rules

  • 02/08/17

    I'm unlike any because we are all unique but also because I am trying to live, love, and laugh, despite excruciating physical pain that prevents me from working and has limited my ability to create, and through it all I am trying to be polite to the various people I meet and who try to help me, but most of all I am trying to help my family grow and understand my problems so that I am not a burden on them even though they are the faces I want to hang onto the most through the pain and sleeplessness.