Jessie Graff is UNLIKE ANY...

By Philippa Jones | News | Ads Disclosure | 07/08/17
Jessie Graff is UNLIKE ANY...

We are back again with a brand new story from the amazing UNLIKE ANY campaign from Under Armour. So far we have brought you the stories of Natasha Hastings and Zoe Zhang and this week are bringing you another story of athletic achievement that breaks all the rules.

When it comes to serious athletes, it doesn’t really get any more hardcore than performing stunts. Not only do you need to be strong and flexible, you also need to know how to make those tricky stunts and moves look as smooth as possible.

Jessie Graff - Stunt woman and Athlete 

When she was little, Jessie Graff always dreamed of being a superhero and we think that she has come pretty damn close. She worked hard for years and years to become a celebrated stunt woman and is the perfect example of what you can achieve if you are willing to dedicate yourself to your passion.


You only have to watch this video and take a look at these amazing pictures of Jesse to get a feel for her passion and dedication for her craft. She makes hanging from a beam meters in the air look as easy a walk in the park.

This poem that accompanies this video is also pretty moving, the last half in particular makes me think about how women can help inspire other women, lifting each other up and helping each other succeed.

“I looked onwards in awe and said

teach me

teach me to fly through the air

like the flight of pegasus

and remind me of exactly what it’s like

to be unlike any.”

If you have been as inspired by this campaign as we have, don’t forget to enter our competition to win an entire head to toe look from Under Armour. All you have to do is comment on this blog and tell us why you are unlike any!



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