What is The Fashion Pact? Let us explain

By Maria Betteghella | News | Ads Disclosure | 26/09/19
What is The Fashion Pact? Let us explain.

Switching to 100% renewable energy, implementing sustainable manufacturing processes by 2030 and making fashion carbon-free by 2050. Is this a dream? We hope not! The agenda of the Fashion Pact, a coalition of 32 fashion houses that aim to fight the climate emergency, isn’t what you can call an easy task. But there are times to surrender, and times to build hope, and we want to believe we live in the latter.

So what is the fashion pact? The Fashion Pact establishes a coalition of brands, retailers and suppliers open to collaborate with governments and civil societies to give the earth a second chance. Climate, biodiversity and sustainability are the pillars of this historic move. Brands like ADIDAS, CHANEL, NIKE, PUMA, STELLA MCCARTNEY, GIORGIO ARMANI, H&M among others are standing to stop global warming, restore biodiversity and protect the oceans.

Welcome to recycled textiles!

Hold on tight because it’s time to say a big farewell to single-use plastics for B2B and B2C packaging and cheer a warm welcome to recycled textiles. Yes, these are some of the main goals of the pact, perfectly in line with E.U. Parliament decision of banning unsustainable plastic items by 2021. The coalition presented the vision of a healthier fashion to the G7 meeting last August and announced a follow-up for October to keep track of this green revolution.

Built on a strong portfolio of brands active in the luxury and fashion industry, as well as other sports and lifestyle players, the Fashion Pact comes straight after the recent climate emergency in Brazil, where fires spread all over the Amazon forest. Tweets and Facebooks posts did go on a loop for a while: theories foreseeing apocalypse now (twisted into apocalypse não in Brazilian mass protests) and countdowns for the turning point (in which it will be too late) colonised the web.

In this fuzz of news and theories, one thing is certain: we couldn’t be happier to see the rise of a fashion coalition declaring its commitment to support the environment and fight the climate crisis. Sustainable fashion is a growing niche and major brands have been investing more and more into the idea of becoming environmentally friendly.

On the way to transform the fashion industry

The fashion pact encourages sustainable manufacturing processes, ecosystem restoration and wildlife protection, all key elements to recover from the climate emergency. Social inclusion and empowering strategies along the entire supply chain are also amongst the objectives of what looks like an ambitious plan, nevertheless necessary in its whole integrity.

Burberry CEO Marco Gobbetti made a clear point when he summed up the vision that supports the Fashion Pact.

"We know that one company cannot solve the environmental challenges facing our planet alone and we believe in the power of collaboration to drive real change. The objectives of the Fashion Pact strongly align with our own work in this area over the past decade, and we are looking forward to working with the other signatories to help transform our industry, support our communities and protect the environment."

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