In total control, Heist launches new shapewear and tights

By Annabel van Eijk | Sponsored | Reviews | Ads Disclosure | 04/10/19
In total control, Heist launches new shapewear and tights

Ok, not going to lie, we’re a little bit obsessed with Heist. Have you seen our previous Heist Review about the brand's tights and shapewear? A while back our lovely Italian colleague tried out the nude tights and The Outer Body,  to say we were impressed is putting it mildly. 

As we’re heading into colder months, you can imagine we were excited to hear the news of some black and navy hosiery being sent our way. Like Christmas, but for our legs! 

But besides making what (in our opinion) deserves all the awards for the best tights ever, Heist knows a thing or two about comfortable and stylish shapewear. After launching the outer body and High Waist pants, Heist has worked their magic on a brand new product: The Highlight Shorts aka. an (even more) banging behind.  

In total control, Heist launches new // Wait, have we just found the perfect tights?

Tights and shapewear, innovative? Yep, It's possible. 

Meet the rebels of the undergarment Industry; Heist has been breaking rules ever since they launched the 7 shades of nude tights. It’s no secret that this industry has been stuck in time and the British brand has pulled it right back to suit the modern woman. With the latest innovation, they craft tights and shapewear that not only offer comfort but are stylish too. Now that’s a brand we can get behind.

How Do Heist Tights Feel?

Amazing. I was contemplating writing that in capitals but decided maybe you'd think I'm overexaggerating. But truly, these tights are great. I could stop there but let's explain a little shall we? We tried on two different tights, the high waisted Jet Black Eighty Deniers and the Navy Fifty Deniers. 

The High Waisted Blue

These tights sit super high on the waist and by high we really do mean high. It caught us a little off guard trying it on but as soon as you wear it for a little bit longer you just sink into the absolute comfort of a high waisted pair of tights. They really do stay put and don’t roll down when you wear them for longer. The classy shade of navy is also a great switch up from the usual black we go for.

In total control, Heist launches new // Wait, have we just found the perfect tights?

 The Low JetBlack

This one is quite a bit lower but it still sits comfortably high enough on the waist and doesn't roll down. The seamless design means it doesn’t have a gusset and works perfectly under tight clothing. It doesn’t dig into the waist or feel uncomfortable around that area at all and it's so soft that it feels like second-skin.

In total control, Heist launches new // Wait, have we just found the perfect tights?

Now that’s what we call Uplifting

On to the brand's latest magic trick: the Highlight Short. The shapeshifting brand wants you to discover the freedom of total control. These shorts will define and lift your bottom, sculpt your hips and thighs and flatten your lower stomach – yep, a pair of shorts can really do that.  It will hold you in at all the right places but you’ll still be able to breathe. This all means less time doing squats and more time eating pasta am I right?

A little birdie told us these shorts are headed our way to the Fashiola Office, stay tuned to read out Heist review on the Highlight Shorts! 

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