Meet Your Sole Mate | Find love at first step with the #WonderWelly

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Sponsored | Reviews | Ads Disclosure | 31/10/19
Meet Your Sole Mate | WonderWelly Love at First Step

Rainy days stopping you from enjoying the outdoors? Not anymore, because FitFlop has done it again! They have expertly combined comfort and practicality to create the ultimate shoe, and this time in the form of a welly. As we all know the welly isn't the most comfortable shoe out there, but they are needed on those rainy days. FitFlop saw the pain caused by the uncomfortable welly and took it upon themselves to design the world's most comfortable welly for us. And let me tell you, they did amazing!

The WonderWelly is designed using biomechanics (which is not as scary as it sounds) so that the boot feels great on your feet AND the rest of your body. FitFlop's ultra-comfortable design evenly distributes your body weight by taking into consideration how you walk, pressure points, and the natural shape of your foot.

Meet Your Sole Mate | WonderWelly Love at First Step

This is a science powered welly that will change the way you think about rainy days! The advanced biomechanics used within the welly is what the top global sports brands have been using for the best runners in the world. While FitFlop has used this technology for the walkers of the world, to create a walking experience like no other. 

The heel has been hollowed out and filled with a honeycomb design so that the shock of every step is absorbed by the welly. This feature and the tiny forefoot springboards will quite literally put a spring in your step!

In addition to the honeycomb and springboard technology, the expert way the welly works with your body's natural walking style will provide you with all-day comfort and mobility. Something your feet will thank you for after a long day's adventure! 

Meet Your Sole Mate | Find love at first step with the WonderWelly

Just how comfortable is the WonderWelly?

Very! Right as I put them on I could feel the quality of the boot and it felt like it was made for me. And when walking in them you can feel that they are specially designed to keep you feeling comfortable while on the move all day. The WonderWelly felt like the perfect combination of fashion and practicality and I don't think my feet have ever been more happy with me.  

Choices, Choices, Choices

The welly usually comes in one shade and height, but not the WonderWelly! These boots come in two heights, one just above your ankle, and one under the knee. Plus they come in 6 colors! And not just boring neutral colors (no hate to neutrals) but in colors like bright red and pink, which makes wearing them so much more fun. In addition to red and bubblegum pink, the other colors they come in are light grey, all black, midnight navy, and military green! So many options. 

Meet Your Sole Mate | WonderWelly Love at First Step

Which is best for you?

The shorter welly is great for everyday wear to protect your feet from the rain. They are practical yet still fashionable and can be woven into any outfit and will look great. While the taller welly is best if you are planning an adventure outdoors and need full protection! Both will keep you dry and you will be more than happy to walk for miles in these shoes.

Additional Feature!

Something I found really amazing on the taller welly was that it had buckles on the back that allowed it to be made larger if you have bigger calves! This is a great additional feature that is perfect for any of us that need a little more room in the calf area. 

Meet Your Sole Mate | WonderWelly Love at First Step

FitFlop Has You Covered

Whether you are walking to the office on a rainy morning or planning a day in the muddy woods, the WonderWelly has you covered. Feel inspired by the comfort and durability of this boot and go the extra mile and venture a little further on your next adventure! Your feet could definitely get used to this.

Feel good and look good with the WonderWelly! 

Purchase your pair today!


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