My River Island Holiday Shop Picks

By Sarah-Lena Reulink | Sponsored | Reviews | 16/04/18
My River Island's Holiday Shop Picks

Summer is drawing nearer and nearer and I’m so excited about the upcoming great weather that I just couldn’t wait any longer before I stocked up on some much needed summer essentials! While looking for the few items that would win over my heart, I couldn’t miss out on the trendiest clothes for the affordable prices River Island are offering in their Holiday Shop.

River Island’s Holiday Shop finds

Trends I was looking out for

There are a few trends I’m thinking would fit me well for summer, so I specifically searched for those: the cat-eye sunglasses, the gladiator heels and the straw tote with ruffles.

My River Island's Holiday Shop Picks

Daytime outfit

I was looking for something casual yet fashionable for during the day, and I found this cute midi body con nude pink dress with a deep V and a side split. It’s such as versatile dress that you can transform into dinner wear in an instant! I paired it with a long cardigan that I can wear off-shoulder for if it starts raining, a pair of gladiator heels and a pink pair of cat eye sunglasses.

My River Island's Holiday Shop Picks

Nighttime outfit

You can never go wrong with a black maxi dress! I loved the off-the-shoulders style and paired it with a different style of gladiator heels. With the straw tote and a cute knotted headband my outfit was complete!

My River Island's Holiday Shop Picks

If you’re looking to stock up on summer items for your next holiday, or just to get in the summer spirit, have a look at the River Island Holiday Shop to find your next favourite must-haves!

Love Sarah-LenaSarah-Lena Reulink

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