Working River Island! Our Top Workwear Picks for Autumn

By Jade Johnson | Sponsored | Reviews | 17/10/18
Working River Island! Our Top Workwear Picks for Autumn

This week our lovely Fashiola fashionista's Paola and Nike got to try out some stunning workwear looks from the new River Island Autumn / Winter collection. With wayyyy too many options to choose from, they finally settled on some super cute styles. Check out their thoughts on these chic selections below. 


Working River Island! Our Top Workwear Picks for Autumn

"I have to say, when looking at the site, what really caught my eye first was their new collection of t-shirts with messages on them! I really like what they have in this collection because it is not a typical one, and has a kind of Versace vibe or more posh style to it than the usual t-shirts. On this occasion though, I was looking more specifically for a timeless and versatile work style that I could wear for the next two seasons, but I will back to get those t-shirts on payday!

I chose the black blazer because, come on, that's one of the must-have pieces every Autumn. They go well with everything and they never ever go out of style. The type I chose this time was something a little bit different than the usual classic style, it has a really cute rouched ribbon detail on the sleeves which really makes the blazer stand out.

I paired the blazer with a sleek black body  and a boucle red printed skirt. I love the skirt because the print  has always reminded me of the UK Royal Family and the movie Clueless! It has that kind of preppy girl feeling I like :D. Plus I feel the pattern can be match not only with black but also with other colours within the print of the skirt, perfect to wear in both autumn/winter!"


Working River Island! Our Top Workwear Picks for Autumn

"I had difficulties to choose an outfit, because there are so many nice pieces on the River Island site. First I wanted to go with a suit or eye-catching trousers, but I have the feeling that these kind of things you cannot wear a lot. If you wear a printed suit for instance at the office, I have the feeling you can not wear it every week otherwise you become 'that woman in her checked suit' and I want to avoid that. When working in fashion is really difficult not to buy, each time I write about a new trend I became so enthusiastic I want to have it as well. But it's bad for my bank account and environment to buy so many clothes. So that is why I have chosen more timeless pieces.

The skirt: checked is a trend, but also checks never go out of fashion. Especially not the small ones in black and white. They really make me think of a gorgeous Parisian woman sipping coffee on a terrace with a cigarette in hand. In my mind the skirt is super elegant, and I also saw a similar one on Pinterest  but love the extra detail on the RI one more.

The jumper: River Island has a lot of cosy knits in great colours. I also loved the lavender version, but I picked the white one because it's easier to combine and the colour feels more cosy for me. Maybe it's because of the snow in winter, but I simply love light colours in combination with warm materials.

The shoes: I was really torn between dad sneakers and these ankle boots. I was a bit afraid that the sneakers would not fit together with the elegant skirt. It could turn out great or a disaster and I decided to play it safe with the boots. The wine colour and patent leather adds extra power to the outfit."


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