How to Shop Smart in the End of Season Sales

By Philippa Jones | Sales | 14/06/17
How to Shop Smart in the End of Season Sales

Its that time of the year again, time for the end of season sales. There are some serious deals from pretty much every single shop online. But, the choice  can be overwhelming and with so much choice it can be hard to buy the right items without feeling like you have wasted your hard earned cash. When searching though the dresses and jeans it can be hard to find the perfect pieces that are not only a steal but also going to get lots of use. 

How to Shop Smart in the Sales

The end of season sales can be the perfect place to find a whole range of pieces for both your summer wardrobe and when the colder weather returns. This might seem like a daunting task, but with our handy tips and tricks you can come out of the sales with a whole range of pieces that you will get loads of use out of, with some serious savings.

Pick Classic Shapes

When it comes to sale searching, don’t be caught up fad pieces that are going to have aged horribly by the time the summer is over. Stick to what you know and love, whether than is a shape that is flattering and classic, or a colour that is the perfect match for your skin tone. When we are looking for classic tailoring and styles that are modern and chic, we have to look to Reiss. Known for it’s beautiful clothing that is on trend of season after season, their 50% off sale is the ideal place to find a death of beautiful clothing that is going to look chic well into next season.

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Does it Go With My Wardrobe?

this is maybe the most important question you can ask yourself when shopping the sales. We can all get caught up in crazy discounts but you have to ask yourself, do I have things that will go with it? If you can think of at least two outfits that have this new piece, you are good to go. This works particularly well with neutral tones or classic items like jeans.

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How to Make Winter Styles Work in Summer

This is maybe the trickiest part of sale shopping, making the pieces designed for the last season, work for the current one. Well, we have a few tricks up our sleeve. Of course things like coats are not ideal summer picks, but those you can grab now and wear next winter. We are of course talking about pieces like dresses that are chic and you would love to wear but are maybe in winter colours or in thicker materials. This is easy to solve. Brighten up any look by adding bright and bold accessories, a sleek belt or a seriously amazing pair of shoes. For those thicker materials, don’t forget that it isn’t always perfect summer weather here in the UK, save those items for wearing as stand alone pieces on chillier nights or on cold days where you aren’t in the mood to bundle up.

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