Women's Street Style Favourites

By Rima Baroud | Sales | 03/10/17
Street Style Favourites

There's something about abstract and unique street style that makes you want to incorporate it into your style. The edgy style brings together different styles to make something really cool. Defining street style is also harder than it seems purely because it’s the mixture of whatever you think looks good, usually with influences from the 60,70, and 90s. Patterns and colour is a big trend among street style fashion! So what are our favourite street style items?

Tinted Sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses bring us a 90s vibe. The throwback adds a distinctive feature to your outfit whether you're wearing a simple tee and high waisted jeans combo or you're full out in colour. Try matching them with your shoes or bag, and get a cool coordination that will make you the ultimate fashionista.


Flat (Peaked) Cap

Flat or peaked caps were a huge men’s trend in the 70’s and now is coming back as a unisex style everyone can rock. From the classic gray and brown colors to ones with checkered designs, this flat cap looks great with some wide-legged jeans and a white or black tucked in t-shirt or shirt. Match the cap with a blazer or shoe colour!


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Sock + Boots Combination

This combo again is a big throwback to the 90s, but were loving it! Wearing long white socks under your boots (showing off the socks, especially sport logo socks), is a street style trend that we can't get enough off. 


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