Is it me or did knitwear just get seriously fun?

By Annabel van Eijk | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 27/01/20
Is it me or did knitwear just get seriously fun?

When winter comes around it’s probably hard to imagine a world without your favourite knitwear. What else could you possibly wear? How must you live without your go-to turtleneck, you oversized beige knit jumper or your simple rib-knit to tuck in your trousers and head off to work? Yes, good knitwear is pretty much crucial to get through these trying, cold weather times. But I've got something even better for you than those plain ordinary knits you trust so much. If we're to believe the 2020 knitwear trends, you're going to need a lot more pizazz. We're talking animal print jumpers, colours so bright they may just cure your winter blues, new silhouettes and fun details. Knitwear went from a homely and trusted confidant to the I-can't-get-my-eyes-of-it star of the show, and we're ready to see it in action. 

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We Can't Escape Bright Colours

Every year, when the end of January comes around, I'm not only in need of some sun but also some colour in my life. I wrote a blog on Statement Earrings which really do the trick, but thanks to 2020 knitwear trends there's another way to stand out from a backdrop of grey skies. Big chunky knits are somewhat of a life force in winter, can you imagine what they will do with us if they're in colour... Mark my words, you will feel instantly more cheerful (the compliments will help too). 

Animal Print is (yet again) taking over

We're seeing it on shoes (more on this on my blog about the best ankle boots), we're seeing it on bags, on coats and on blouses: the one and only animal print. Loved for its wild spirit yet classic, retro feel; we're not surprised animal print jumpers are on the rise along with all those other fashion items. Zebra print jumpers are a playful twist to the classic striped Breton jumper but remain versatile in classic brown hues or a minimal black and white pattern. Hear these jumpers roar in leopard and cheetah prints or anything else animal-like, we've spotted this print on the runway, streetwear and with our favourite brands like Ganni and & Other Stories. If you haven't yet gotten in on this trend or you just can't get enough, it's a good idea to check out these animal print jumpers. 

Sleeves Are Making Serious Statements

Yet again, another fashion trend that thas made its way over to 2020 knitwear trends, and we're not complaining. From puffy shoulders, big blouson sleeves and fun pleats, knitwear goes avant-garde with this shape-shifting trend. What was once reserved for blouses is now a big hit with jumpers, these voluminous masterpieces turn the old jumper silhouette upside down and turn the winter classic into more of a tour de force of design. I've also spotted a few off-shoulder jumpers that give the cosy favourite a seductive spin, perhaps a little more date-night than those ginormous bell sleeves if that's what you're going for. Although statement sleeves do make a great talking point... 

They talk so you don't have to

I love any chance I can get to avoid small talk, so maybe I should try one of these jumpers and see how far I can get without saying anything... In all seriousness though, these jumpers make sure we can still have all the attitude of a fashionable slogan tee but cold-weather proof. When the world seems to be crumbling down, it's good to have a voice and this will surely help you with that (even if the words don't really make that sense but just look really cool). 

2020 Knitwear trends have decided for us,  we're going to have while the cold weather last (lets face it, we still have quite a few months to go). With Animal print jumpers, statement sleeves and crazy amounts of colour, you'll have a smile on your face in no time. 


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