The 3 Leather Jackets All Men Need

By Lena Steffen | Styles | 20/02/19
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What do Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Leonardo Dicaprio and James Franco all have in common? Aside from being the "it guys" of their era's, they have all honoured the suave style of the leather jacket. The leather jacket creates a timeless look and a rock roll vibe which it has been popular for men and women for decades. And it's pretty cool because hey, we have to admit, what's more sexy than a handsome man in rock'n'roll style wearing a leather jacket?

The Black Leather Jacket

Most men's leather jackets are classic, simple and a little edgy. The black leather jacket is the classic example. I feel there are two ways to wear this style of leather jacket. Option 1 would be in an all black fashion, because as Johnny said: Black is black. Pull the look together with skinny black jeans, and a black round-neck sweater, for a simple, yet sharp silhouette. On your feet, opt for a pair of boots, slightly pointed or go for the classic Chelsea style. Another option could be to pair the black leather jacket with lighter jeans, a slightly loose white t-shirt, and a pair of trainers. This styling creates a more modern and everyday way to wear the black leather jacket. The black leather jacket is a classic, which gives you the opportunity to have fun with its variations, without losing it's timeless style.

The Brown Leather Jacket

Some say #BrownIsTheNewBlack. Probably not completely, but what I like about the brown leather jacket is that it is a little less rock, but a bit more adventurous (hello Indiana Jones!). Brown leather works particularly well with white, jeans and beige. Combine it with beige pants, a denim shirt and a pair of derbys. You will have in the end a cool and trendy look, with a little extra pizzazz. You can also play around with the leather with this one, for extra style points why not indulge in a brown suede version?

The Bomber Leather Jacket

The bomber has made an explosive return in the last few years in planet fashion, and its definitely a good thing because who isn't obsesses with the Top Gun look? Bomber leather jackets, are still not top of the radar in terms of the bomber style but they are super stylish. No matter the shade, they look great in the winter or summer combined with a patterned short sleeve shirt, plain tee, and jeans or shorts. This is a simple and original way to wear the leather jacket bomber.

Which version did you like the most? No matter your personal style, there is leather jacket out there just waiting for you!

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