4 Not-For-The-Gym Trainer Trends with Kurt Geiger

By Sophie Tarif | Sponsored | Styles | 27/02/18
4 Not-For-The-Gym Trainer Trends with Kurt Geiger

If you’re eagerly searching for footwear trends post-fashion week thenyou might be a little surprised to find out the focus of SS18. As sportswear meets the streets, this season is all about trainers and we could not be more pleased. Trainers have become part of daily life and there are no boundaries: paired with a midi dress, skirt or jeans trainers can be worn to any occasion, day and night.

The destination for buying the latest fashion in trainers this season is Kurt Geiger. With a vast collection of footwear which has all the latest styles and trends for 2018 and features internationally recognised designers and own brand footwear,so Kurt Geiger have definitely got the pair for you. Kurt Geiger know that trainers are no longer solely for the sports hall so their collection of own brand trainers have you covered for every trend and occasion. If you’re looking for a new pair of kicks to wear to the office, brunch or out to dinner then check out the range of Kurt Geiger trainers that are definitely #NotForTheGym.

Luxe Athleisure

If over a year ago I had told you there would be such a thing as the ‘occasion trainer’ you might have scoffed… alas, here we are in 2018, with celebrities wearing trainers on the red carpet and we are discussing our favourite trends for 2018 in couture trainers. With some deluxe detailing and decorative finishes, your trainers have been elevated to become part of your out-out look. Trainers have been transformed with a metallic finish in a feminine hue, some diamond detailing and luxury materials so that you can wear them with a pencil skirt and be ready to hit the town!


4 Trainers That Are Not For The Gym

The Tech Trainer

The collection of Tech Trainers might seem suspiciously similar to functional sports trainers however the use of luxury materials such as vinyl padding and the street style-worthy tweed and vinyl designs mean these pairs are definitely #NotForTheGym. This blend of fashion and function makes the Tech Trainer great for novices in the streetwear trend. The Kurt Geiger trainers are carefully crafted with the best materials and are fit and tested to provide ultimate comfort. So whether it’s Lit, Lamar or Linford checkout our favourite styles.

Brand New White Trainers

You can never go wrong with a pair of white trainers - fact. They are the building blocks for any trainer collection, perfectly designed to go with everything. Kurt Geiger’s collection of wear-everywhere  white trainers embody the minimalist trainer trend to the max which means you can wear them with a jumpsuit or dresses, day and night. If you’re looking for a twist on the ‘Lane’ then the flashes of metallics, perforated K and contrasting laces means Kurt Geiger have you covered with the glamorous Lyra, Ludo + Larson. And for additional comfort? They have designed in hidden foam wedges making it feel like you’re walking on air.

Chic Dad Sneakers

Possibly my favourite of the trends for 2018, the dad trainer has been given a well deserved makeover making it the hot new trend of the block. As throwback trends continue to be revived in 2018 the Linton has absolutely nailed an updated version of the dad trainer. We’re talking chunky soles, mesh panels and speckled white laces - and you can even get them in two colour options! Get on board and embrace this trend and don’t be put off thinking about how style them. The skirt + sneaker combo is a fashion favourite right now however you can test the waters with a pair of wide-leg trousers.

I'm not sure about you but my favourite pair of trainers are definitely #NotForTheGym and Kurt Geiger's latest collection of trainers has got me excited for the year to come!

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