#INSPO - 7 Global Travel Destinations my Fave Instagram Influencers have Given me FOMO with!

By Jade Johnson | Styles | 16/08/18

Cue Drake cause I’m "in my feelings". As I sit at my desk scrolling through a seemingly endless Insta feed working I am inundated with images of holiday goals from my fave Instagram influencers and the FOMO that is rising is so real! So, as a coping mechanism, and a way to avoid doing the more serious tasks that my job entails, I have decided to give you guys, my dear readers, a rundown of the 7 global travel destinations my fave Instagram travel influencers are travelling too, and of course I gotta give you some outfit inspo to match.

#INSPO - 7 Global Travel Destinations my Fave Instagram Influencers have given me FOMO with!

7 Global Travel Destinations my Fave Instagram Influencers have Given me FOMO with!

  1. Marrakesh, Morocco
  2. Bali, Indonesia
  3. Nairobi, Kenya
  4. Havana, Cuba
  5. Santorini, Greece
  6. Lake Como, Italy
  7. Sedona, Arizona

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1. Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh travel tips 2019

So to be honest I've already been to Marrakesh, but does that stop my FOMO you ask... HELL NO! A gal can never have too much enjoyment! Quite frankly seeing the pics of others living their best lives there makes me want to get right back on that plane, Dirhams in hand to blow fast on 20 rugs and lanterns, for a dream house that i do not yet possess (key word here "yet" #visualisation is key)!

Marrakesh is bold, bright and bustling with arguably the most naturally occurring Instagram picture perfect locations for a mini iPhone photo shoot. A mere 4 hour flight from London and you can be in the heart of an interior lovers treasure chest. The souks are filled with world renowned hustlers ready to give you "the best deal" on anything you simply lay eyes on, and people spill into the streets of Jemaa el-Fnaa for cobra charming, dancing and monkey business.

Way too many pretty rugs.

Een bericht gedeeld door Aimee Song (@songofstyle) op

I love the juxtopostion of @songsofstyle 's effortless parisian chic look against the rugged earthy tones of the very souk rugs I wish to spend all my coins on. 

2. Bali, Indonesia

Bali travel tips 2019

Bali is nothing short of breathtaking! As a self confessed Eat, Pray, Love addict I've always believed i will become the best version of myself there, hiking Mount Batur, yoga-ing at Radiantly Alive, drinking cocktails at Finns Beach Bar and meeting a monk who informs me that I will get the life of my greatest dreams - I know sounds perfect right? Hence why seeing others there really gets me in the FOMO zone. Bali is great for beaching, surfing and eating, all whilst in a sensory overload from all the natural goodness surrounding.

So happy to discover Bali with @faithfullthebrand #faithfulltravels

Een bericht gedeeld door ????????Sara (@collagevintage) op

@collagevintage is summertime fine with this sassy dress and hat combo - the perfect Bali bomshell!

3. Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi travel tips 2019

Nairobi is the number 1 destination on my global travel list for 2019 and it has me buzzing with excitement!!!!! We all know Kenya is synonymous with Safari's, and trust me I am trying to get in on that Ace Ventura action, but there is so much more to the rapidly growing cosmopolitan city of Nairobi. What I love about Nairobi (learned from Instagram trawling and word of mouth) is that you can choose what experience you want on two different ends of the spectrum - you can hop in a Jeep and speed through the natural habitat of Lions, Tigers and Bears Zebras, or you can opt for the concrete jungle luxury travel experience attending polo matches, lounging at Tribe Hotel or grabbing drinks and a vibe at the Alchemist Bar. All I know is I am trying to experience all this city has to offer. 

@barakjacuzzi, a Nairobi native, has a feed that keeps my in the know with the coolest places to be in Nairobi. Because of him I know when I touchdown in the city I will have an itinerary to envy. He also has a super smooth style to go with his #bestlife.

4. Havana, Cuba

@jadajoshow Havana Cuba travel tips 2019

Ooookay, I am a little spoilt because as you can see from me above in my borrowed tangerine vintage car, I have visited Havana already. However, I only had two days there and definitely NEED more time. Cuba comes as the most charming culture shock - there is beauty found in destructed, dilapidated buildings, sweet salsa sounds envelope the streets and cigars stay lit. This city is rough around the edges, yet truly magical at its core. Havana is for dancing, dark rum and plenty of fun. The more pics I see on insta the more I remember how quickly I need to get back, indulge in the incredible Cuban art markets and dance the night away at the Buena Vista Social Club. Cuba never gets new, and definitely never gets old.


@ownbyfemme is such a sweety and gives me DAILY travel inspo and motivation to get this body beach ready!

5. Santorini, Greece

#INSPO - 7 Global Travel Destinations my Fave Instagram Influencers have Given me FOMO with!

Santorini is just barbarically beautiful, with a bursting blue and bright white colour scheme it entices the lovers of luxury. The imagery I see from travel influencers of this Greek Island literally has my jaw dropping, it is nothing short of gorgeous! My visulisations go into overdrive as I imagine myself sipping crisp champagne at Mylos watching the sunset #livingthedream. This destination urges me to do a serious wardrobe upgrade to match the luxurious backdrop, so.....it's going to take a lil while for me to get there, but when I do, oh it will be a movie!

I legit could not be more obsessed with these gorgeous twins, their travels and killer threads! @being__her

6. Lake Como, Italy

#INSPO - 7 Global Travel Destinations my Fave Instagram Influencers have Given me FOMO with!

If Lake Como is not vacation goals then I really do not know what is!!!??!! Imagine gliding down the lake in a luxurious wooden boat, straw hat on head, vino in hand...ahhhh, this is the life! This is the go-to place for the rich and famous (and Mr Clooneys 2nd home), however, riches are not a requirement to enjoy the beauty. Its idyllic location nestled in North Italy’s Lombardy region at the foot of the Swiss Alps gives astonishing 360 degree views of nature. If you, like me, love renaissance architecture and rolling hills Lake Como should be high on your list too!

Mustard yellow with a side of a$$

Een bericht gedeeld door Hannah Fallis Bronfman (@hannahbronfman) op

My favourite fit girl served up some super stylish outfits on her recent trip there, and her Instagram stories of nights spent sailing down the lake had me in awe! @hannahbronfmon I have been influenced!

7. Canyon Point, Utah

#INSPO - 7 Global Travel Destinations my Fave Instagram Influencers have Given me FOMO with!

Road tripping to Canyon Point, Utah in a red Mustang blaring Red Hot Chilli Peppers & N.E.R.D is definitely a huge one on my bucket list. Whenever I scroll through images of this place I am filled with awe and start to dream up the most lavish Bonnie & Clyde type scenarios...Clyde where you at???!!!!

My dream hotel has to be the Amangiri with stunning desert views and cool blue pools, it is literally mouth watering! I am obsessed with the deep hues of the desert and get the best outfit inspo from the cool chica's that venture there.

Details✨ #ootd #rockytakesutah #revolvearoundtheworld ???? @matt_coop

Een bericht gedeeld door R O C K Y (@rocky_barnes) op

Doesn't @rocky_barnes just sell that desert lifestyle to ya?!

So what destinations are on your global travel bucket list, and did you get inspo from an Instagram influencer? Let me know darlings! If you've already been to the places on my list i am extremely jealous but would still appreciate some travel tips.

I'm off to do some proper work now! Ciao!

Love JadeJade Johnson

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