It’s Back to School Season: Cheap Kids School Shoes

By Jade Johnson | Styles | 25/09/18
It’s Back to School Season: Cheap Kids School Shoes

Back to School Kids Shoes

It is that time again mothers and fathers “BACK TO SCHOOL”, and I am sure you couldn’t be more ecstatic that I am here to lend a helping hand with your school shop. How do I know you need my help? Well I was once a child myself, and boy did I cause a stir in those “old school” brick and mortar shoe stores. I think the record time we managed to get in and out, new school shoes in hand, must have been around 1hr30mins ☹ sad times for mumma and pappa bear aye!

So, to save you the back to school shop grief that my dear parents had to endure, I’m aiming to get your kids school shoes selection process down to a meagre 10 minutes all in, and that’s not all, I’m going to save you all some money too with my top cheap kids school shoes! HORAAAAY I hear you scream, I know this is a little too good to be true, but you guys deserve it!

Now lets crack on before the kids get home from school and ruin your concentration.

Black School Shoes

Boys will be boys, and girls are just as wild too, so I say always go black when it comes to kids school shoes to minimise those horrendous and yet highly inevitable scuff marks which will arrive on day one. Here are some wallet friendly girls & boys black school shoes.

1. Boys Black School Shoes

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2. Girls Black School Shoes

Kids Trainers for School

Gone are the days of the most affordable P.E shoes being the most embarrassing (Hi-Tech RIP), you can snag the kids some trendy trainers at an affordable price – you’re both winning! Here are some of my favourite back to school trainers for kids.

1. Boys School Trainers

2. Girls School Trainers

Hopefully I have succeeded in making your back to school shop sooooo much easier and found you a cracking set of cheap kids school shoes for them to wreck within a week, haha! Let me know your thoughts and if you grab a pair feel free to share your favourite :)

Happy back to school guys!

Love JadeJade Johnson

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