Back to work in style with Luisaviaroma

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Back to work style with Luisaviaroma

Hello to you and welcome back to real life. Summer was great but it’s time to get back to our even greater goal-getting selves. Now, what better way to celebrate than with a new workwear wardrobe? We’ll take any excuse to shop at one of our favourite online destinations for luxury fashion. Naturally, we headed straight to Luisaviaroma to find some key pieces to update our working woman wardrobe. So how do you shop your back to work style? We’ve got four rock-solid tips and the best part is, you don’t even need to leave your couch. 

Step 1: Find A Key Piece To Build Your Outfit Around

We know, it’s hard enough as it is to wake up at 07.00am, scroll on Instagram for a good 20 minutes and then somehow figure out what to wear before you’re too late. But we might just have a little hack to ease your morning Monday mood.

It’s all about finding that one piece you just can’t get enough of. A piece that is versatile and will work as the basis for your outfit. That way, when you get up in the morning all you need to do is style around that dress, jumpsuit, suit or two-piece. 

Back to work style with Luisaviaroma

The Boiler Suit

Workwear doesn’t exclusively mean pencil skirts or blazers. Of course, this highly depends on where you’re working and what your style is, but it’s worth trying to think a little out of the box. That’s how I came to the new love of my life, this Alexa Chung Boiler Suit.  When you’re looking for this key piece I’d highly recommend checking out designer goods on Luisaviaroma. Yes, it’s on the pricier side but it means the quality will be endless and you’ll enjoy it for much longer. Also, this boiler suit, in particular, fits like a glove.  These things are never really very flattering, but you can really tell that some serious thought and design talent has been put into this jumpsuit. Ahem, watch me never take this thing off.

Back to work style with Luisaviaroma

The Ganni Dress

If you’re looking for a workwear staple that is a little more dressed up by itself (you can still dress it down) then follow Mihaela’s lead and search for a feminine midi dress. Hers is from Ganni, a brand we’re obsessing over at Fashiola and one that ticks all the right boxes for elegant yet on-trend dresses that are suitable for both work and play. She chose a paired-back black one, but if you want to stand out a little more they have some great printed dresses for a bit of a bolder effect that will make you look like you belong in the street style shots of Copenhagen Fashion Week (aka goals).

Back to work style with Luisaviaroma

Step 2: Step Up Your Footwear Game

Now that you’ve got the base of your outfit it’s time to figure out what shoes you’ll want to wear with it. What’s great about Luisaviaroma is that you can find everything from comfy, chunky heels to designer pumps and the latest sneaker drops. As I’m good on the heels department and since Mihaela is more of a flat shoe type of gal, we both went for some trainers. Both trainers are a little different from the classic shoes like Stan Smiths, Converse or Vans that we’re seeing everywhere but are not too Out There, which means you can still easily pair them with different looks.

I had my eye on a pair of Asics shoes ever since I’ve spotted the running shoes and summer dress trend, I guess I’m a sucker for just making things extra comfy. I like the look of them contrasted against the dark boiler suit, but I’ve been wearing them with anything and everything from short shorts on weekend trips and cute midi skirts to go out to dinner in. Mihaela picked a salmon beigey shade for her Adidas trainers, which is a nice way to make her dress look a little less dressy, without having the trainers stand out too much.

Back to work style with Luisaviaroma

Step 3: Accessorize baby!

So this where the magic happens! Luisaviaroma is packed with lovely little gems like hair barrettes, earrings and silk scarves to spruce up your outfit. We’re also a big fan of their bag collection, which includes all the latest bag trends you’re seeing on Instagram. Mihaela picked a mini backpack, it suits her casual off-duty style and adds a bit of streetwear edge to her workwear look.

Have some fun here, roam around the Luisaviaroma website and find accessories that are a bit unexpected to really elevate your look! 

Step 4 - It starts with an S and rhymes with kale...

Ok so, here it goes, here’s our little secret to shopping designer goods – Its Sale! Ok, maybe not a ground-breaking revelation, but Luisaviaroma’s sales are seriously good. We got both our outfits on sale, making it much less of a barrier to shop the brands we love. For me buying something from Alexa Chung’s brand was a long-time wish of mine (that and a holiday home in the south of France) and for Mihaela, she had been eyeing those Ganni dresses for a long time. Stay posted with the latest Sales on online destinations like Luisaviaroma via Fashiola. You’ll be the first to find out about any sales and receive exclusive discount codes here on Fashiola!

So there it is our four tips on shopping for your workwear wardrobe with Luisaviaroma. All that’s left for you to do is to start shopping. I don’t think you’ll mind…

Back to work style with Luisaviaroma
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