British Brands We’d Love To See Meghan Markle Wear

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 08/05/18

The royal wedding is almost here, and we’ve been trying to guess now for months what brand Meghan Markle is going to wear on her wedding day. It’s still a mystery, even though whispers say the Aussie, London-based brand Ralph & Russo will be the lucky one, as she wore a dress of theirs in her engagement photos. Regardless of what Meghan is actually going to wear, I’ve put together a list of fashion brands I’d love to see her in on May 19th. I think she should have a selection of british brandscouture dresses to choose from. She might be American, but in a little while she’ll be a british princess, and some british love is necessary on the special day to show her appreciation for the culture.

British Brands We’d Love To See Meghan Markle Wear

My favourite british brands for Meghan Markle’s royal wedding dress


The one and only Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was Kate’s wedding dress designer and I love to reminisce on her gorgeous gown. Every little detail was perfect and I’d want nothing more for Meghan than to feel equally as beautiful during the royal wedding as Kate did.

Here is a selection of my favourite couture dresses by Alexander McQueen.

The leading fashion house Burberry

Meghan truly couldn’t go more british if she wanted to, would she choose Burberry. Their couture dresses are absolutely stunning and you know they would do everything in their power to make her dress iconic.

My favourite Burberry dresses are found below.

Jenny Packham

A prominent name in the british brands bridal industry, Jenny Packham would be a choice that would stress Meghan’s youth. With fabulous embellished dresses (as whispers say Meghan’s gown already looks like), Packham’s style fits seamlessly with Meghan’s.

Jenny Packham’s most gorgeous dresses.

There are plenty of fashion brands that would love to dress Meghan on her big day as she joins the royal family. Were she to choose british brands for her gown, shoes and jewellery, she would look gorgeous in Alexander McQueen, Burberry or Jenny Packham. But regardless of the designer, I’m looking forward to see her on her wedding day looking as stunning and happy as any other bride.

Love GalGal Dagan

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