Celebrating the best of Female British Fashion Designers

By Nicole Gruss | Styles | 05/03/18

With international Women's day coming up we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate the best of Female British Fashion Designers. International Women's day is a day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. So what better way to start with the fashion industry and the Women that have made such an impact on the British Fashion Industry today. With London Fashion Week just been, these designers have changes London style and should be recognized for there efforts. 

Celebrating the best of Female British Designers

Stella McCartney 

Best known for her eponymous label and outspokenness in the fashion industry, Stella is renowned for her simple tailoring with a feminine edge. Being vegetarian, she has always been a strong supporter of animal rights and is commended for her refusal to work with leather or fur. Her strong views has provoked her to criticize others who use animal products in their work. Stella's latest ready to wear collection  includes structured blazers  and a variety of unusual and funky patterns. 


Victoria Beckham 

Since launching her womenswear line in 2008, the former pop star has created a classy and sophisticated range that continues to grow. Expanding into handbags, sunglasses and shoes, Victoria Beckham has created a name for herself within the fashion industry and unlike most other celebrity designed products, Beckham oversees all the production and design aspects herself to ensure top quality products. 

Vivienne Westwood 

Quintessentially British, Vivienne Westwood is an icon in herself with her flamboyant dress sense and approach to fashion. Not just an incredible brand, Westwood has become the British staple of iconic, premium design. Rising to fame in the late 1970s, Westwoods designs helped shape the look of the punk rock movement. Not only does she influence fashion, but she often dictates it which makes her one of the most successful British Fashion Designers. Her work is provocative and is known for you using slogans and graphics in her deigns.

With such great talent, Britian can be proud of the talent it has produced and should continue to celebrate new and established female designers! 

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