4 Cute winter outfits with summer staples (yes it's possible)

By Annabel van Eijk | Sponsored | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 12/12/19

Summer is over and as tempting as it is to just sit inside and scroll through your holiday Insta snaps, it’s time to be thinking of cute winter outfits. But don’t hide your summer clothes in that dusty box under your bed just yet – we’ve got a few winter outfit ideas that include some of your summer staples. 

4 Cute winter outfits with summer staples (yes it's possible)

1. Summer Dress & Jeans Combo

Ah, the summer dress & jeans look, the most low-effort way to really switch things up. I’ll choose winter dressing over summer anytime, but every year it does hurt me a little to say farewell to my summer dresses. With this cute winter outfit idea, I don’t have to go through that heartbreak.

Make sure you go for a fresh and floaty type of dress, I’d advise against wearing a bodycon mini dress (I tried it to check for sure, and it was not pretty…). A pair of slim, light washed jeans with frayed hems works best to add that casual vibe to your look. You can pair any shoes really, but a simple white pair of trainers and a sleek stiletto heel will work the best. Throw over a chunky knit, warm trench coat or a chic wrap coat and you’re good to go!

Dress and Jeans

2. A Chunky Knit, Silk Skirt and Heist Tights

Silk skirts for winter? Yes, It may sound a bit crazy, but how boring would fashion be if it’s not a little cray sometimes? Silk and satin skirts have been all the rage this spring and summer, but there’s a way to keep wearing them when the temperatures drop. Now please bear with me, this may come as a shocker to you but it’s Nude Tighs. Nude Tights! That’s Crazy! Well, actually it’s not when you buy them right… We love Heist Tights as they come in 7 different shades of nude – meaning you’ll find the perfect one for you.

The sleek, feminine feel of a silk or satin skirt can be made a little more casual with a chunky knit. You can go monochrome and match your skirt’s colour to that of your jumper – or mix and match with prints and colours. For extra warmth to your Heist Tights add a pair of heeled boots, or if it’s still bearable outside you can wear a pair of chic heels under.

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Chunky Knit and Silk Skirt

3. Turtleneck Under Slip or Shift Dresses

Turtlenecks, what can I say, I just love ‘em. They are sophisticated, effortless and most of all they keep you so, so warm. I just love ‘em! So when I was looking for a little inspiration for this blog and came across a bunch of cool ladies wearing them under their shift and slip dresses I was excited, to say the least. It’s not very cold here yet, but as soon as the heating goes on so do my turtlenecks!

You can do this cute winter outfit with a sexy slip dress or a shift dress, for a more sleek evening look choose a tight, stretchy black turtleneck. If it’s a cosy casual look you’re going for you can choose a little chunkier knitted turtlenecks, as long as it doesn’t look weird but I’ll let you be the judge of that. A black and white contrast always works but also try out your pink, yellow or red dresses with lighter grey or beige turtlenecks. 

Dress and Turtleneck

4. Bright Blouse under a Classic Suit  

Cute Winter Outfits don’t have to be dull, cold weather won’t bring you down if you’re wearing bright colours (not scientifically proven). But since, you know, the sun isn’t shining and birds aren’t chirping for our off-to-work commute wearing floral prints head to toe isn’t really very natural. In comes the classic suit! A refined two-piece will be a huge saviour for your winter wardrobe, but if you want to spice things up and look profesh without being too corporate, wear it with your summer tops.

You can wear vests & camis if it’s still a little warm outside, but the most fun way to do this cute winter outfit is by contrasting a suit with your bright summery blouse. Try polka dots under a simple black suit or mix and matching with patterns and colours. If you’ve got a classic tweed suit why not pair it with a bright pink short-sleeved shirt or floral blouse? Try some things out you bold, brave woman.

Suit and Blousxe
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