Fashiola’s Payday Picks

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 26/03/18

It’s not only Friday, it’s finally Friday payday, hooray! We’ve been working hard this month and there is no better way to pamper ourselves than with a brand new designer item. Whether you’ve had your eye on something for a while and have been saving up or you just look to splurge a little, we’ve got the latest fashion here, with spring dresses for this season and designer shoes you’d love to have. Without further ado, here’s Fashiola’s payday picks!

Fashiola’s Payday Picks

Fashiola’s latest fashion payday picks

Where to find your payday picks? Revolve is your go-to.

You will always find the latest fashion at Revolve. They’ve got everything you need for this Spring: spring dresses, designer shoes and spring jackets.

Spring jackets for every weather

When it comes to Spring, you can’t really know what the weather will be like in the UK. It can go from sunny days to full on rain within a week. So it’s important to be weather ready, and match your jacket to it. Pick something that can be a great cover for sunny days, but also warm enough for a few layers underneath if the rain decides to return.

Get your spring on: our favourite spring dresses

Flowy, breezy and easy to wear, that’s how we like our spring dresses. Fabulous for those sunny days and perfect for weekend getaways, you will for sure wear these payday picks over and over and over.

Payday favourites: designer shoes for every occasion

Whether you’re going for brunch, going to the office or have a romantic date planned, you will need some footwear that matches your outfit. With these shoes picks you’re sure to be ready for any occasion coming your way this Spring!


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