Father’s Day Gift Ideas: The Essentials

By Jade Johnson | Styles | 22/05/18

Simply the thought of Father’s Day Gift Ideas leaves me in a flit of anxiety every year. I’m not sure why but I always find this the hardest, and most expensive pressie to buy! I mean, mums will smile at whatever you get them on their special day, flowers from your local Tesco – mum smiles, a dress you bought her purely to borrow – mum smiles, you can always get away with it with Mum. (**DISCLAIMER** of course these are things I have NEVER done on Mother’s Day……okay one time I did do the Tesco flower thing but I was desperate – don’t judge me!)

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: The Essentials

I really hope this isn’t the case for you, but with my dad, it is virtually impossible to read his expression, “what do you think of your gift dad, you like?” I ask with as much enthusiasm I can conjure up, “yeah [longggggg uncomfortable pause], its nice” is generally the feedback I get every year. Now ladies, we all know the word “nice” from a man usually means I secretly feel this gift (or usually your outfit) is subpar but I love you too much to hurt your feelings and will therefore lie to your face. Men aye! (I love you guys really)

Anyway, this year I am aiming for the stars with responses such as “Jade, this gift is awesome” or “Jade this gift is AMAZING” this year I shall not be defeated, this year I have done my research and feel somewhat of a best gifts for dad expert – so join me in prevailing this year with my essential Father’s Day gift ideas!

Essential Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Branded Watches for Men

There are a tonne of Branded watches for men to choose from and luckily a watch is an investment piece that men can never have too many of. Just think of them as a women’s equivalent to shoes or diamonds- the more the merrier. Here are some of my fave branded watches for men on Father’s Day:

Card Wallet

Cash is a thing of the past (I can’t lie this statement scares me), so a card wallet will always go down a treat. This is one thing all men need, and judging by the amount of tattered ones I’ve seen of late, is something they forget to get for themselves. These are a few essential card wallets I think will make the perfect gift for dad:

Men’s Cologne

Your dad’s fragrance collection compared to your mums is probably abysmal so its time for you to step in and give him an upgrade. I am currently obsessed with these men’s cologne scents:

Men’s Bracelet

Accessories for men are ever growing in popularity, and I’m really loving stylish men’s bracelets at the moment. Father’s Day is a great time for personalised presents and bracelets are definitely one you can make even more special. Surely dads got to appreciate one of these as a personalised present?

Hopefully my essential Father’s Day Gift Ideas help to make your life a little easier this year, also hopefully your dad is just easier to please. Remember this day is about all the fathers in your life, your partner, husband, brother or friend, as long as they have little rugrats they can be celebrated – no one has to miss out.

Let me know what your best gifts for dad have been in the comments below, these ideas will only tie me over for a few more years – I need your help too!

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