How to wear Dr. Martens? 4 fool-proof outfit formulas.

By Annabel van Eijk | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 09/03/20
How to wear Dr. Martens?

When it comes to fashion items that stand the test of time Dr. Martens are high up on the list. With their utilitarian, sturdy yet stylish and comfy appeal, it’s not for no reason they are loved by all kinds of people. You don’t need to be a punk rocker in the 70s anymore to rock Dr. Martens. But in these modern times, where styles are mixed and pretty much all the fashion rules have been broken, it seems the options are endless and sometimes too much choice is more confusing than too little. So the question arises: How to wear Dr. Martens? Well, let me answer that one for you... 

How To Wear Dr. Martens? 

1. Skinny jeans + Sweatshirt

Ok, so this really isn’t the most adventurous way to wear Dr. Martens but it works and it will always work. Pairing your Docs with skinny jeans is a go-to outfit formula for when you’d rather not fuss too much about what you’re wearing. Skinny jeans look best with high lace Up boots but can also work with the low top ones. For an I-just-threw-this-on-but-somehow-look-super-cool look, throw on a comfy sweatshirt or knitted jumper and bum bag.  Since the skinny jeans are guaranteed to work well with the boots, you don’t have to worry too much about what you’re doing with the top half of your look, could be anything from a blouse to a jumper.


Dr.Martens Outfit 1

2. Rolled Up Straight Jeans + Sneaky Socks + Utility jacket 

I saw this look first on Hailey Bieber and although literally, anything would look good on her, I thought this would be a good one to straight-up copy - it’s not like she will catch us right? Wearing straight jeans, mom jeans or baggier jeans is a bit of a risk when you’re wearing Dr.Martens as it might look a little too baggy or chunky. If you’ve got a pair of straight jeans, roll up the cuff of the jeans and wear your boots under or if you’ve got a frayed pair of jeans just let it hang without rolling it up. Add a sprinkle of colour with quirky socks under and put on a baggy utility jacket to look ultra-casual and oh-so-cool and you’re done.


Dr. Martens Outfit 2

3. Cute Dress + Denim jacket

This is the type of outfit formula that fashion girls just come back to time and time again. Matching Dr.Martens with a cute, summery dress (floral or any other print) adds a rebellious touch to the girly staple. It’s this mismatch of styles that make it very L. A cool girl going on a coffee run and heading to brunch after - the kind of thing we’re after, to be honest. Add an oversized denim jacket or leather jacket and throw on some cool shades to finish the look.


Dr. Martens Outfit 3

4. Tailored Pants + Blazer + Cross Body Bag

If you have a suit then go for the suit, but if not anything that has a tailored appeal will work. I love the contrast between the polished look of a suit or tailored trousers and the sturdy style of combat boots. Besides the classic Dr.Martens boots you can also choose to go for the loafer style Dr.Martens and really go all out with the menswear look. If you’re wearing a baggy suit or trousers and blazer combination you could wear a turtleneck under if it’s chilly and a crossbody bag to break up the outfit a little (and a modern, on-trend touch).


Dr.Martens Outfit 4

Shop Dr.Martens

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to styles of Dr.Martens and you can find them all here on Fashiola. I’ve added a selection right here but if you want to scroll a little more just head to our very special page of all Dr.Martens boots.


Dr Martens kengät

Shop Dr.Martens Alternatives


If you’re looking for a style of lace-up boots that’s a little different, then there are plenty of stylish options to choose from as well. You could go for something a little less tough and more streamlined, boots with details like studs, lace-up boots with heels. Pretty much the same outfit formulas will work with these boots as well. Again, I’ve added a selection but you can have a scroll at our page for lace-up boots.


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