How to Wear Oversized Denim

By Rima Baroud | Styles | 24/07/17
How to Wear Oversized Denim

What's the one material you can never go wrong with? Denim of course. And what’s one type of clothing you’ll always feel comfortable in? Oversized clothing. Put those two together and you have a magical combination: Oversized Denim.

Oversized Denim

The last couple years have seen an uprising in 90’s fashion, signifying an age of comfort and style. Whether it’s that denim boyfriend jacket you have laying around at the back of your wardrobe, or those oversized jeans you haven't worn in years, with this new age of fashion everything and anything goes. So put those skinny jeans aside, and try something new!

Now i’m sure you're wondering, how the hell am I supposed to pull of oversized denim without looking like i’m drowning in material. The wonderful thing about 2017 is, that we’ve reached a point in street fashion where we can both seem like we’re not putting effort into our appearance but at the same time having a perfectly harmonized outfit. Can you hear me say it? Oversized denim is the way to go.

Denim Boyfriend Jacket

Oversized denim is the perfect way to get a distinctive instantly recognizable look without having to put too much thought into your wardrobe.With oversized denim becoming a 2017-style piece, finding the perfect denim boyfriend jacket shouldn't be difficult. Want a bold look? Try to find a denim jacket with patches, patterns or colours. If your look is more classic, try a simple light wash blue denim boyfriend jacket. The genius quality of it comes from its distinctiveness. It can work as an autumn piece as you pair it with your favourite beige coloured sweater, or an open buttoned white t-shirt for an easy summer look. 

How to Wear Oversized Denim

Oversized Jeans

Trust me, I get it, my skinny jeans are also my go-to, but on those days where I don't want to wear something that clings to my body, my next go to is oversized jeans. With culottes making their way back into the fashion industry, the buzz about the return of oversized jeans is unmissable. The slouchy denim style is one that has a lot to give.

So do you just buy a size bigger? Well yes and no. One way of pulling of this stylish and relaxed look is indeed by buying a size bigger than you're used to. This will give the jeans a oversized look everywhere: the waist, the thighs, and around the legs. You can pair this with a statement-piece belt, or let the jeans sag below the waist and let it show your favourite calvin klein boxers. Another way to pull of this look is to buy jeans that are oversized at the bottom rather than at the waist. Doing this allows you to have both the comfort and fit you’re looking for.


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