Keep Dry in this Year's Perfect Gift: MACKINTOSH

By Natalia Martin | Sponsored | Styles | 17/12/18

From the trenches to railways to luxury fashion, Mackintosh has become an international success through designing a waterproof coat like none-other – which is why we believe that this year, Mackintosh is the gift that keeps on giving.  

Keep dry in this year's perfect gift: Mackintosh

A mac is, of course, a coat we’re all familiar with – it’s a classic style with a fabulously British heritage (read: it's waterproof). But what do you know about the brand that the phrase mac was coined after? It’s time to discover more about the 200-year old Scottish brand and how they continue to remain current today.

The Mackintosh Coat

Why do we think that a Mac is a perfect gift? Not only are these coats made with remarkable craftsmanship and being totally waterproof are a sensible option for our wonderful British weather - but a Mac is also a perfect all-rounder option. Mackintosh coats - and in fact the entire ready to wear collection – are designed with sophistication; they have held onto their minimalist designs and continue to feel contemporary. Mackintosh designs are timeless, coats that you can continue to work into your wardrobe for a lifestyle – and let's face it, living in the UK, you can wear it for most of the year.

Keep Dry in this Year's Perfect Gift: MACKINTOSH


Keep Dry in this Year's Perfect Gift: MACKINTOSH


Thanks to the more traditional styles where detailing has been kept to a minimum, the classic-coloured coats make a real impact but the designs also allow the freedom to explore different prints, such as the check or camo above.

What else are you ready to wear?

Have you also fallen in love with how Mackintosh have pulled together simplicity and edginess in their designs and looking for more? The classic designs have a contemporary feel through some bold choices of colour which includes a punchy red and range of blue/khaki mixes. Below are my favourite pieces, also on my Christmas wishlist!

With Christmas fast approaching, what more are you waiting for? Give the pefect gift this Christmas with a lil' help from Mackintosh!

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