Ladies Dr. Martens are my New Summer Obsession!

By Jade Johnson | Styles | 11/04/19

Who ever said boots were only for those winter days to save your toes from the mighty frost bite of the UK? If anyone actually made this statement (I cannot confirm), they were WRONG! Summer boots are my new thing and I am loving it (I assure you this obsession has absolutely nothing to do with my laziness in connection with pedicures).

Ladies Dr. Martens are my New Summer Obsession!

Summer Boot Obsession: Ladies Dr. Martens Boots

Sorry to judge but if you aren't rocking summer boots then you really need to get it together because they are an absolute must-have for many reasons:

  1. I can walk around the grubby London streets all day and still keep a pristine foot bottom
  2. I can mosh pit at a festival and stay mud free (we all know it'll rain, it's a London Summer!)
  3. I can (RARELY) run on a toe sand combo
  4. I can hide the chipped polish from my over-exhausted pedicure (I say "I" but this isn't my number 1 reason, I promise)

What more could you ask for? Summer boots save the day and my current FAVE are the timeless Ladies Dr Martens Style. 

My Top 7 Ladies Dr. Martens Boots

Long gone are the days when the first place of purchase to pop into your mind for Dr. Martens was good ole' Camden Town, and quite frankly as a devoted South-Londoner, I am pleased that the trek northbound is no longer required. Instead with here a click, there a click, everywhere a click click I can buy as many pairs as I desire moihahahaha! *Back to reality* As I of course cannot afford to buy as many pairs as I desire, here is my top 7 selection of DM boots from the Fashiola Fashion Finder:

What Do I Wear them with?

It wouldn't be fair of me to judge you for not owning a pair of DM boots for the summer and not tell you how to rock them. My two fave pieces to rock my DM boots with are Denim Shorts and Short Summer Dresses - these looks are timeless, edgy, flirty and comfortable, and my fave shop with the best selection of both has to be THEOUTNET. As I am not as creative as I like to pretend to be, I get a tonne of my DM boot outfit inspo from Instagram, since sharing is caring - here are some denim shorts and short summer dresses combos I love and where to shop them.

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I hope I've inspired you to step away from the standard sandals and get some ladies Dr. Martens boots for your summer wardrobe! Are you already a summer boots lover? Let me know how you're rocking yours :)

Love JadeJade Johnson

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