Latest watches for women we love

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 03/04/18

Not too long ago we’ve spoken to you about the latest jewellery trends we’re loving this season. Second on our accessories trend series for Spring are watches for women. They truly are a must have for every women, even if you might think it won’t fit your style. There are plenty of styles of ladies watches out there, so you’re sure to find something that you will like. Whether you like it feminine and preppy or more masculine and clean, you’ll find your luxury watches in our watches for women Spring edit.

Watches for women x Spring

Watches for women we love

Looking for branded watches for women?

If you’re all about the brands, then you’re in luck, because brands are loving this accessory and you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. If you fancy something feminine, you should opt for rose gold luxury watches or pastels. Complete your arm candy with a bracelet or two, and don’t forget a cool minimal ring as your hand candy. Wear it when you got out to dinner with your favourite dress or wear it for the office with a pencil skirt and a blouse.

Ladies watches a la men’s vibe

Not into the preppy, light vibe? No worries, we’ve got the masculine style to fit you. Go for bigger sized luxury watches and focus on silver and dark leather brown straps. Or you could opt for cotton, striped straps or plastic straps for that more boyish vibe. Check out the following branded watches for women that could be just as well unisex. Wear these watches for women with a boyish look: a pair of baggy jeans and a cardigan will mix really well.

Luxury watches for the inbetweeners

If you’re searching for watches for women that aren’t obviously feminine but don’t have that manly feeling to it either, you could go for styles that mixes the two together. A black and silver combination works wonders just as well as the black straps and rose gold or big watches in light colours. Wear these branded watches for women every day with your skinny jeans and black top.

There are plenty of choices you can go for - it depends on your personal style, the occasion and he rest of your look. Find your favourite watches for women and match each and every one to a different outfit and discover new styles!

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