Low-Effort Office Christmas Party Looks

By Maria Betteghella | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 12/12/19
Low-Effort Office Christmas Party Looks

So here we are, Christmas tunes are blasting from our headphones, presents are bought (not for you? Check out our Christmas Shopping Guide) and it’s time to get our Office Christmas Party Looks ready. Notoriously the most chaotic of all the Christmas parties, the office Christmas party is often one you’re outfit will be the least wholesome for. But seeing as we have plenty of other things on our minds around the holiday season, (will my grandma forget that turkey is not vegetarian again this year?) let’s not fuss too much about our outfits and find easy, fool-proof solutions that are super low-effort.

Go for a Cream on Cream Look

Full beige outfits have been all the rage this season ( as we've seen at fashion week street style) and we’re loving this simple style hack for many different occasions; including our Office Christmas party looks. There’s something so elegant about creamy, buttery colours that will make you stand out from all the Little Black Dresses and velvet looks. This outfit is pretty simple, find a beige or off-white or light pair of brown pants and a classic white shirt or blouse and you’re good to go. Maybe just stay away from the red wine though…


Christmas Office Beige Outfit

Reuse Your Floral Summer Dress

You have a rulebreaker in you, I just know it. Unleash that rulebreaker and wear your favourite summer dress during winter - Wild! Summer dresses can be worn in winter when done right, I’d avoid going for very light colour palettes to avoid matching hell and a weird looking contrast between your dress and your tights. Throw over a velvet blazer, or any blazer you own or find a cute sheer top to wear under. Layering is your friend here and boots, that too.


Christmas Office Floral Dress

Use a Pair Of Fashion tights

Talking about tights… Have you read my blog about fashion tights yet? We’re owing lots of picture-perfect fall and winter outfits to quirky, patterned tights and coloured tights. It’s like accessorizing, but for your legs and a really low-effort way to make your simple work dresses look a little more dressy. Add a pair of high boots and keep the jewellery to a minimum to let the tights stand out even more.


Keep on Your Power Suit with a little surprise

You’re already owning this whole office in your chic power suit and since you spent way too much money on it, style the two-piece a little differently for a party-ready look. Wear a subtle hint of lace under with a chic body top or cami or if your office is full of creepy guys with crappy pick-up lines, maybe go a colourful blouse or neon top the suit up with statement jewellery. But then again, they’ll be creepy anyway so where whatever you want.


Christmas Office Power Suit

Go Big on The Blouse

Blouses are literally everywhere this year, in a big better and bolder way. That means you’ll be spoilt for choice this year when it comes to statement-making blouses. Go for playful prints and a fun colour scheme or find a blouse with unique shapes and dimensions. As we’ve noticed in street style trends, blouses with puffy sleeves will add a  bit of unexpected dimension to your look and look ever so cool. Team it with your work-ready trousers or a plain black or dark blue pair of jeans and that’s it!


Hopefully, I've taken a little bit of that holiday season stress out of your way with these low-effort Christmas party looks. 

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