Men's Minimalist Fashion

By Jade Johnson | Styles | 30/10/18
Men's Minimalist Fashion

Hans Hofmann once said, “the ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak”.

Minimalist fashion frequently gets understood as wearing black, white and denim. The matter of the fact is that minimalist fashion means something different to everyone but widely can be recognized to also include all these colours; white, Black, Tan, Nude (sometimes also Olive Green, Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue and Maroon). The name says it all, minimalist fashion is about keeping things simple.

Sometimes that means sticking to black, white and nude colors and adding silver or gold accented accessories. Sometimes it means clean tailoring and modern silhouettes. A minimalist aesthetic can be really refreshing!


Keep it simple in its design, with classic silhouettes. Black and white are classic colors that are a great addition to any minimalist outfit.



Jumpers can be a great addition to an outfit, whether its crew-neck or hoodies, again try and keep the design simple, and avoid too many patterns and designs on the jumper itself.


Trouser & Jeans

Keep it simple with wide-leg trousers, or skinny jeans. Wide leg trousers look really good in navy blue, black, white and nude. Light denim skinny jeans always work perfectly when in search of a minimalist outfit.


Trainers and Boots

Black or white trainers are a easy way to add the perfect shoe style to your outfit as they are comfortable, stylish, and work with most your styles. Want something a little more classy, look for black leather boots, from high to short cut ones, these can add a little modern class to any outfit.


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Silver and gold simple accessories can be a great way to add the finishes touches to your outfit. Keep it simple with simple designs of necklaces, bracelets, and watches with not too much bling.


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