Must-Have Items for Breezy Summer Nights

By Rima Baroud | Styles | 04/08/17
Must have Items for Breezy Summer Nights

Although Summer doesn't currently mean 25 degrees temperature and a white sand beaches, finding the right balance between summer outfits and making sure you are warm enough during the summer nights, can be a struggle.

Fashiola's Breezy Must Haves

Because let's be real here, no one wants to hide their cute outfit under layers of jumpers and coats… unless… those women's jumpers and coats are really cute. Pulling off a summer night outfit is all about finding the right items to compliment your summer outfit instead of drowning it out. So what items do you pick? Well it’s really up to your style but below are some items, I personally love to pair, with my summer outfits.

Long Cardigans

Long Cardigans are the perfect addition to a summer outfit. Add it over your shorts and t-shirt - this will allow your outfit to be seen but, this will also give you some material to wrap around your body incase the weather decides to act up. Long Cardigans also really work well with short skirts and dresses. If your outfit is quite simple in color, then don't be afraid to play around with cardigans that have floral patterns, or are bold colored.


Women's Sweaters

Choosing a sweater to wear over your outfit is important, because 1) you don't want it to take away from your outfit 2) it needs to be the right material for summer nights. One of my favourite summer night go-to’s is cropped sweaters and hoodies. I absolutely love the fit, and wear them all the time, especially when it’s that weird temperature between cold and warm and you have absolutely no clue what to wear. Cropped sweaters not your thing? My advice would be to look for sweaters that are a statement piece on their own, whether it's because of their design or colors. I love wearing over-sized sweaters over some shorts or mom jeans, and tucking them in a bit.  Women's sweaters have lots of possibilities, so find something that fits with your style!



The holy grail of all outfits...jumpsuits! The easiest fashion choice I will ever make when I wake up in the morning, or go out at night. Jumpsuits come in a variety of designs and styles, and are the easiest outfit to put on and pull off. Jumpsuits especially work when you have no clue what to wear, because it's just a full outfit in itself. If it's not too cold outside, wear a simple tee under it. Summer nights a bit to breezy? Try wearing it with a cardigan or jumper.


Try these outfits out, and comment below what your favourite summer outfit is!


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