I worked out my festival essentials whilst living in Amsterdam

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | 24/07/19

Festival season is upon us; and I'm so excited!

Having had the opportunity to spend the summer living in Amsterdam, I can tell you, the Dutch know how to throw a festival. In Holland, there are festivals every weekend so you have an endless choice of parties to go to; I did my best to embrace Dutch culture meaning I've had some experience trying to master the festival outfit.

Have you bought tickets for a festival this summer? Did you spot an outfit from Glasto which you loved? If you're looking for a simple plan for what to wear to a festival this summer, scroll through my top tips. 

My Festival Essentials - One summer spent in Amsterdam.

Your Party Shoes

At the last festival I went to, I did almost 29,000 steps in one day - how did I manage it? A comfortable pair of dancing shoes is absolutely key to enjoying your time at a festival.

Thankfully, we've been blessed with sunny summer's in Holland meaning I was able to wear my fave festival shoes: a pair of leather Vanstotally indestructible! I'd say any pair of trainers will do you well at a festival, but leather or pleather will at least keep the rain/mud/beer out too!

If you're not certain about the weather, a pair of boots will keep your feet warm and dry whilst you're racking up the steps. Dr Martens are the go-to festival favorite but a pair of biker boots are equally as trendy for summer 2019.

Denim Skirts

A classic bottom to any outfit, a skirt is easy to style, comfortable and not an issue when you're squeezing into a portaloo. I'd always recommend denim as they're a bit more robust, have pockets and aren't easily made dirty on a dusty day.

My Festival Essentials - One summer spent in Amsterdam.

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Crop Tops <3

Mine are all loose fitting, figure flattering and decorative. Crop tops are definitely my favorite choice to wear with a denim skirt or wide-leg jeans at a festival. 

The trusty back pack/bum bag.

One thing the Dutch have clued onto which the British have not yet, is having easily accessible lockers at every festival. This might possibly be due to everyone needing to bring layers to wear for the bike ride home (yes, we even bike home from a festival).

If you're someone like me who has tonnes of unnecessary things in your handbag which proves challenging when you're dancing away, it's time to invest in a backpack or bum bag. 

Don't knock it until you've tried it; I was sceptical about bum bags are first too but it genuinely changed my life when I could so easily access everything I needed in a bum bag around my shoulder. (I'm not even being overdramatic).

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Hair accessories

Is there anything worse than having your hair in your face all day? Or worse, finding out YOUR hair is in someone else's drink? 

I have, unfortunately, fallen foul of this experience and quite quickly learnt a trick or two to make sure my hair is out of my face (and everyone else's). 

Like a blast from the past, hair accessories are back in fashion this summer so can pop a clip or two into your bag to make sure you can see - in particular, pearl beaded accessories are a must-have but probably not suitable for my curly hair.

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My most recent re-discovery is the scrunchie. I like to wear my hair in a pony-tail, so a decorative scrunchie just makes the look a little more fun.

Also, invest in some earplugs - tinnitus ain't no joke, folks.


Bye Kimonos, Hello Oversized Shirts

Readers, if you haven't already sensed my boyish style, perhaps this will make it more clear.

Kimonos were once a staple to any festival outfit (#guilty). On reflection, a long kimono does look cool but at risk of getting covered in the dusty/beer mix created throughout the day.

Instead, this year, I will be packing my oversized shirt (in my trusty backpack) for when the sun goes down. Or, you could even wrap it around your waist as one of the different looks you'll be sporting throughout the day.

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My Festival Essentials - A summer spent in Amsterdam

Trendy for 2019

Boilersuits have come back into fashion for 2019 but I can't think of anything more difficult to wear to a festival. My alternative? Find yourself a dungaree dress for the best of both worlds. You have the ease of wearing a dress to a festival (with or without tights, probably dependant on how far North you are) and you can keep up with the summer's trends.

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The only challenge with living in Amsterdam is that you're limited to the number of camping festivals you can go to... but with a choice of festivals every weekend, can I really complain?! If you're heading to a festival this summer, we hope the weather's on your side!

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