Why I Love Oxford Loafer Shoes... Actually Loafer Shoes in General

By Jade Johnson | Styles | 20/08/18

Oh it gets no better than good ole’ Oxford Loafer Shoes. As a true Brit I deeply understand the importance of this shoe collection staple – even the Queen has been seen rocking her very own pair, yes THE QUEEN #RoyaltySignOff.

Why I Love Oxford Loafer Shoes...Actually Loafer Shoes in General

My 5 Favourite Loafer Shoes & What to Wear them with

When it comes to loafer shoes, womens and mens styles are limitless – there’s oxford loafers, leather loafers, tassel loafers, suede loafers, penny loafers, patent loafers and many other styles to loaf around London Town in, and this is why I LOVE them! So versatile, so chic and forever on trend.

Below are my fave 5 pairs of loafer shoes and to help you even further my darlings, the perfect pair of trousers to rock them with – I know, I’m an angel.

Black Patent Loafers + Cropped Chino

This is a great workwear outfit! Black patent loafers paired with a great cut chino always creates a smart, office friendly yet trendy look.

Designer Print Velvet Loafers + Dark Denim Skinny Jeans

You've got to love a good logo print! I adore this look as the velvet loafers really add an eye catching appeal when paired with a great pair of dark denim skinnys. This look can transition from day to night, just play around with a more casual tee or sizzling strapless top.

Casual Tassel Loafers + Tie Waist Culottes

I kid you not, tassel loafers were the first style of loafer I wore at the age of 7. They were pink patent and made the "heels clicking" noise I desired so badly to enable me to seem like "a real woman". Its safe to say they hold a dear spot in my heart, and I still love to rock this style in this casual way.

Metallic Oxford Loafers x Jogger Pant Trousers

As you already know from my last post I am obsessed with metallics and love the idea of revamping classic oxford loafers with this current colour trend. This look is fresh and funky, mixing heritage style with lux athleisure.

Nude Penny Loafers x Cargo Trousers

Okay, I have to be honest - it's the name Penny Loafers that really steals my heart. But, they live up to the pretty little name, and I think they make a great collab with the more masculine cargo pant.

Feel free to chime in and let me know what oxford loafers or loafer shoes you’ve been rocking – I can never have too many pairs!

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