Pretty Underwear for Under your Valentines Day Outfit

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 17/12/18

Some might already be aware, Valentines day is fast approaching; are you already thinking about what could make your day extra special? Its time to think about what to wear underneath your Valentines Day Outfit, and pretty underwear is the perfect 2-for-1 surprise gift for your partner. There's no better time to show your affection and why not with some beautiful underwear!

Your underwear speaks volumes, it can make you feel sexy and confident whilst also being tailored to reflect your personality and is just another opportunity to express your fashion flair. Whether you prefer a matching set or you like to mix and match brands, there's so many styles to wrap your head around when you go to buy underwear, so here are Fashiola's tips on the lingerie trends we're excited about!

Pretty Underwear for Valentines Day

The Bodysuit

As outerwear, the bodysuit has made its mark as a popular trend, and now they're working their way under your clothes. If you're looking to buy underwear for Valentines day, the bodysuit is a great choice: it is feminine, glamorous lingerie and can be worn in lots of different ways, suiting all body types. 

Sheer Tulle

This flirty trend is being seen everywhere and is making a big impact, the transparency of the pretty underwear sets celebrate femininity, whilst still being super comfortable. If you're looking to buy underwear, there is a great selection of intimate sheer pieces that ooze sexiness, you'll definitely be able to find a pretty underwear set to show off for V-day!

Bralettes + black lace knickers 

When you buy underwear, if you would prefer to mix and match your pretty underwear, then the trend to be looking at is bralettes and lace. If you're looking for comfort, bralettes are great for that whilst also looking pretty and flirty. Do black lace knickers sound like the latest fashion in lingerie trends? Not exactly, but you can pair your new bralette with a pair of black lace knickers and your look will work way past Valentines day, as you can mix and match for many days after!


A little bit of hosiery goes a long way! Not only can stockings and tights look super sexy, but they also provide a little warmth which is definitely needed if you will be in the UK for Valentines Day! Choose from cheeky patterns to sultry suspenders, whatever your personal style there's a pair for you.

Whether you want to jazz up your pair of black lace knickers or treat yourself to a new pretty underwear set, make sure you're feeling confident with your look for Valentines day!

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