Race Season Guide: What To Wear

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 23/04/18

With race season upon us, we’re looking forward to the biggest races such as Cheltenham, the Grand National and the Royal Ascot. And with a new race season comes the time to look for race day outfits that will fit the scene. And while we can’t wait for some gorgeous weather, we’re well aware the UK weather has got some tricks up its sleeve and it may very well be possible rain will dominate most of the spring races. So with that in mind, we’ve put together an edit that focuses on ladies day dresses for both kinds of weather, so you’ll look the part regardless of sunshine or rain. Do keep in mind you must research the event you’re planning on attending, as some have a specific dress code *Royal Ascot* one cannot deviate from.

Race Season Guide: What To Wear

Your race day outfits by weather

Race day outfits for typical UK weather

I mean, sure, we can hope for the best, but we must be realistic here. Especially during the first few races of the year, we can expect rain and cold. Choosing posh dresses that fit the weather can be somewhat of a challenge. However with a selection of long sleeved ladies day dresses or a mini dress with a (faux) fur/leather coat and scarf (or stole), you should be okay. Find a few fascinators online that matches the colour scheme of your dress and coat, choose a pair of heels (black’s always in) and a clutch, and your start of the season outfits are complete.

Race day outfits: rainy weather

Gorgeous weather, gorgeous race day outfits

With the weather turning over into sunny days and lovely temperatures, so will your race day outfits. You can choose a pair of ladies day dresses that reveal a bit more, and leave the coat behind. Perhaps you’d prefer a midi skirt and a shirt instead of posh dresses, so do definitely give that a go. To complete your outfit, instead of going with plain old black heels, go all out with statement platform heels and glittery jewellery. Don’t forget to search for fascinators online to find originals no one else will wear.

Race day outfits: sunny weather

The best posh dresses

Regardless of the weather, the following selection of dresses are perfect for the races.

Your must-have accessories

Find your perfect accessories like a pair of heels, jewellery and fascinators online on Fashiola for the races and complete your outfit!


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