Start Prepping: Prom dresses you’ll love

By Gal Dagan | Styles | 13/04/18

The academic year’s nearly ending, and with summer approaching so does prom season! It’s time to start preparing for your prom with researching trends, ideas and blogs. To make it easier for you we’ve put together a prom edit with trends, colours, materials and prom dresses that we just know you’ll adore. Whether you’re into evening gowns, black prom dresses or you’re afraid you won’t find any plus size prom dresses, this edit will guide you through some of this season’s best prom dresses.

Start Prepping: Prom dresses you’ll love

Prom Edit: All the prom dresses


Let’s start with the most important thing: you must feel confident in your dress. Confidence will make you stand out, not necessarily the dress!

Now, the basics of prom dresses:

  • Choose the right length: whether you go mini, midi or maxi, make sure it fits your body type. As a petite, better go for mini or maxi and avoid midi at all costs. But if you’re tall, please do try a few midi dresses.

  • Choose the right colour: Blondes - go for warm, red tinted colours. Brunettes and black-headed - pick a cool blue or green. Gingers - try violet for a change.

  • Choose the right material: Silk, satin and cotton are your best friends. Stay away from nylon, suede and leather at all cost.

Black evening gowns vs black prom dresses

Luckily, black’s for everyone. Always the classic and safe option - if you end up opting for black don’t feel bad, there truly isn’t any better dress than the little black dress, right? Anyhow, if you want to go all out definitely go through black evening gowns to find your perfect one. But if you rather go somewhat smaller, check out black prom dresses for your dress.

All the plus size prom dresses you’ll ever want

Did you think we would forget about you? No way! We get it, sometimes it can be hard to find dresses that will fit you 100%, but here’s a little secret: no dress ever fits everyone 100%. Their secret is a seamstress. So, find something that fits you more or less, and get it fitted with someone. That way, with your plus size prom dresses you’ll shine just as well as any other girl at prom.

The accessories you need

> Hair accessories: hair clips, hair bands, hair comb or grips
> Jewellery: necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets
> Bags: clutches

The shoes you need

There’s no other option here, your heels are your second best friend during prom! Either go for platform heels, wedge heels or for your good old pair of pumps. If your dress is sparkly, leave the glittery heels behind, but if your dress doesn't have much glamour, do go for a pair of sparkly heels.

With this edit we’re sure you’re making a good start to your prom dress hunt! Do not hesitate to go through our categories and search for a particular item: we’ve got filters ready to help you out. Good luck with finding your prom dress!

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