Swimwear by bodytype

By Jill Hekman | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 28/05/15
Swimwear by bodytype

Yesterday we talked about Shay Mitchell in her monokini. Well not all of us have the same bodyshape as Shay ;) So today we thought it would be a good idea to write a blog about what kind of swimsuits and bikinis styles are best for your body type.

Which swimwear model to choose?

The most important thing is to choose a model that is comfortable! Sounds like simple advice, but sometimes we get side-tracked by colour and design and forget the first simple rule. So to find the most comfortable swimwear for your bodytype read on.... 


Women with this body have larger shoulders, hips and a narrow waist. They can wear all kinds of swimwear: bikini, tankini, trikini and swimsuit. 


It is characterized by having wider hips like men. For this type, it is best to choose a bikini that is padded or with a push-up, so it balances the body shape. If you do not want to stress over this area it is better to use dark or plain colours.


Swimsuits and tankinis are perfect for such bodies. The halter neck swimsuit is stylized. Black, blue and brown colours are more favourable. Otherwise if you want to take a print, then choose one with vertical stripes (never horizontal). 


Bathing suits with a waist brand are ideal. The bikini should create curves, so go for a triangular shape.

Now that you know what kind of swimsuit to choose, take a look below at all our swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis from thousands of brands. Just use the filters (size, price, colour, sale, etc) to make your search easier. We're here to help :)

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