The Fitness Edit: Gym Essentials for Beginners

By Philippa Jones | Styles | 05/12/16
The Fitness Edit: Gym Essentials for Beginners

With December officially here and christmas on its way that means that January is not far off and whilst a lot of us are saving our new year's resolutions until the new year, we are sure that there are a few of you that either love to get an early start on those resolutions or simply love to plan in advance.

Best Sportswear for Beginners

Sportswear is huge right now and chances are you own some, even if you never seem to actually make it to the gym… But if your collection is more beautiful than practical, we are here to lend a helping hand. With so many different sportswear brands around you can easily stock your gym kit with some of the best and most stylish items around that will be both functional and stylish.

1. The Leggings

These are perhaps some of the most classic items in an active wardrobe. The great thing about sports leggings is that you can really pick a style that fits you perfectly in a colour or pattern that you love. These leggings will work for yoga, running, weights and all kinds of other sports.

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2. The Sports Bra

Another essential item for the gym beginner, the sports bra. This is one of the most practical and useful items in your wardrobe. The key here is to think about what exercise you are doing and pick your sports bra according to that. If you are doing something low-impact like Yoga then you don't need so much support, but if running is your chosen activity then you will need something that is sturdier and offers much more support.

3. The Trainers

This part is one of our favourites. With just so many choices, it can be hard to make a decision. If you feel spoilt for choice then why limit yourself to just one pair, pick a couple of pairs that you will be excited to lace up and hit the gym with.

4. Tops

Not everyone wants to walk into the gym wearing just leggings and a sports bra, so if you are looking for a little more coverage, a gym top is the solution. Go for a fun slogan tee to add a bit of fun to your outfit or if you are looking for something more performance related, pick a tank top made of a sweat wicking fabric

5. Accessories

What list of essentials would be complete without some accessories? We certainly love to add a few fun extras to our gym kit. A bright and colourful water bottle or a sleek gym bag could be the perfect finishing touch to your brand new gym kit.

What are your favourite sports brands? Let us know in the comments or chat with us over on Twitter!

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