The Return of Fila

By Lena Steffen | Styles | 03/04/18

Who would’ve believed, a few years ago, that Fila would make such a comeback? More than ever, Fila is the new must have brand. Even though it did loose ground there over the years against giants like Nike, Adidas and New Balance, we’re glad to welcome our good ol’ Fila trainers back into our wardrobe: trainers, clothing and accessories alike.

Fila trainers have always been my first - and will probably be my last - trainers love.  They were the first brand to hold me in their grip at fourteen years old, looking for the next cool pair of trainers to wear to school. I have probably not felt that kind of love towards a pair of trainers ever since. And yes, even though today’s Fila trainers like the Fila Disruptor are in fact quite different than Fila’s old style, more discreet with a simple design and their red logo, I will always cherish this brand and their approach towards streetwear.

So, without further ado, from my all-time favourite trainers brand: Fila’s trends for the coming season.

fila shoes online

Fila trainers: the pair everyone and anyone will want to have

Fila’s new flagship model has everyone going mad: the Fila Disruptor. It’s available in black and white and is a low model. It’s the new Nike air, everyone’s loving this new style. And so it means, like with every other trainer craziness, that it is sold out practically everywhere. So if you’ve fallen in love with this Fila trainers pair, better start looking on every site you know. Below you'll find the webshops that offer the Fila Disruptor.

How to wear the Fila Disruptor

The Fila Disruptor is a pair of rather showy trainers. They’re not for every basic-loving trainer fanatic among us, but rather for the out there, experimenting kind. It doesn’t have the most feminine look with its wide sole, but wearing it confidently is what will make your look stand out more than anything. If you’re loving the basics and still want to try it out - go ahead, and mix your basics wardrobe with the Disruptor. Make sure that the rest of your outfit is feminine, as playing on oppositions is key for this look. Wear a Fila dress, or a pair of skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a blazer will do just as well.

Fila Disruptor x Fila Dress

Return of Fila: Fila Dress x Fila Disruptor

Fila Disruptor x basic everyday look

Return of Fila: Every day outfit

The Fila dress

Even though the trainers are Fila’s main thing, check out Fila clothing for streetwear for an addition to your wardrobe you will not regret. it’s all about the perfect mix between feminine and masculine this season, and Fila’s playing on it with cool dresses. Wear the Fila dress with a pair of - you guessed it - Fila trainers for the ultimate Fila outfit.

The Fila sweatshirt

We’ve seen over the course of the few past season logos making a statement. We’re all about the logos, whether it’s on our clothing or on our footwear or on our accessories. This season, Fila clothing are making the same statement with a huge Fila logo. Opt for a Fila sweatshirt; you can go classic a la red an blue with a round-necked model, or you can jump your chance for a change and choose pastels. The Fila sweatshirt comes in both, so you just need to pick your favourite.

Fila socks

Hipster alert: Fila is even producing socks for us now. Wear with mom jeans or with a maxi dress or denim skirt for the best styling options. Or go full on Fila with a Fila sweatshirt, a pair of cool baggy jeans, a pair of Fila trainers and, of course, Fila socks.

We’re loving the return of Fila and can’t wait to get out our old style out of the back of our closet. What do you think? Is Fila truly back?

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