Three Day-to-Day Outfits for Guys

By Rima Baroud | Styles | 06/08/17
Three Day-to-Day Outfits for Guys

Waking up and finding a different outfit to wear every single day can be a struggle. Most of the times you just end up wearing the same 5 items in rotation.

Play around with day-to-day fashion items

Although we’re all guilty of doing this at times and wearing the same skinny jeans for a week, finding a cool new outfit to wear everyday can be really fun. Playing around with styles, and finding a different vibe to your outfit everyday is something that can shine through in your confidence for that day. Don't be afraid to think out of the box when it comes to your style. Try new things, you will be surprised how much you might like it!

Skinny Jeans, Shirt, Boots

This is a classic outfit, many guys love. Pairing some light denim skinny jeans, or black skinny jeans, with a shirt whether it's patterned or a simple white shirt, this look gives off a classy yet casual vibe. Finish off your outfit with some brown or black boots. This combination is one that although super comfortable and not hard to pull off, looks really stylish. If you want a bit more to the outfit, go with the patterned or floral shirts, they add a lot of bold style and eye-catching color to the outfit. Maybe also try adding a fedora hat to this outfit, and pair it with the color of your boots.

Trousers, T-Shirt, Flat Shoes

Trousers for men are the new it-trend! Trousers are now mixing preppy style with casual day-to-day style. Taking navy blue, white, gray or black trousers and pairing it with a white tee is a look we just can't get enough off. Add a belt to add a bit of accessories to the outfit. Dress it up by adding some fancy shoes, or dress it down and wear it with some trainers.

Skinny Jeans, Sweater, Trainers

This is another casual look you can't go wrong with. This one is perfect for the colder temperatures. Pair your favourite skinny jeans (or tapered jeans) with a sweater of your choice. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns, as it will make your outfit stand out. Add some trainers, and a beanie, and you got yourself the perfect casual outfit for the breezy summer nights.


Mix and match and find the style that works for you! 

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