Wardrobe Classics to Transform Your Wardrobe in 2017

By Philippa Jones | Styles | 02/01/17
Wardrobe Classics to Transform Your Wardrobe in 2017

When it comes to the new year, we all like to make a fresh start in some way or another, whether that is going to the gym more often or being more organised. Here at Fashiola, of course our favourite kind of resolution is one that involves clothes...

Classic Wardrobe Items

As the talk of Christmas presents dies down, one of the things we have been discussing in the office is the need for fashion staples in our wardrobes in 2017. Perfect as the base of your outfits, they are items that will last you a lifetime.

Trench Coat

One of the classic items that has been in style for nearly a hundred years, the trench coat is a year round favourite that always looks sleek and stylish. If you love your neutral tones, choose a black or beige version, but if colours are more your thing, you can easily find a brighter option of this classic style that will last you for a while longer.

Classic Brogues

Part of any timeless wardrobe are a pair of good leather shoes and you simply can not go wrong with a pair of brogues. With so many variations on the high street right now, you can easily find something to match your style. If you are a fan of the androgynous look, look for a dark coloured brogue with chunky heels and if you are looking for a more feminine version, pick a lighter colour with more pattern detailing in the shoe.

Statement Bag

A beautiful bag never goes out of style and this is something that we definitely want to invest in over the next few months. Stick to a bag style you know you already love, so you can be sure that you will use it. Pick a leather version for a bag that will last a lifetime or try out a new style in a cheaper version and if you like it you can always go for the leather bag later.

Tailored Trouser

Even if you don’t work in an office where an office dress code is enforced, you can still easily take advantage of the tailoring trend. A pair of well fitted and nicely tailored trousers can so easily fit into your wardrobe and will go with almost anything.

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