What Shoes Should a Man Own at 30?

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 06/02/20
What Shoes Should a Man Own at 30?-6812

I was recently hanging out with a dear friend of mine when it dawned on him: I’m turning 30 next year, can I still walk around wearing Vans?

Obviously, this opened up a huge debate in the group. Was it acceptable to still be wearing a pair of old tennis shoes? Were there certain situations where a 30-year-old man could wear trainers? What was the point in this debate as you should just wear what you want?

Whilst that’s definitely true; a discussion about what shoes are appropriate for men isn’t all that easy. 

What shoes should a 30-year-old man own?

If you take a look at menswear fashion for 2020 trainers will always dominate the trends. And this year, it’s even cool to have ugly ‘dad sneakers’ or running trainers so if you’re in your 30s and managed to go full fashion-cycle with your 90’s trainers, you’re a winner!

Of course, whatever your age it’s acceptable to wear your trainers. With the rise of uber-casual tech companies and dress-down-days all week, wearing trainers to work is perfectly acceptable for most of us. I think it’s just about being sensible about your outfit decisions; wear bold trainers with a pair of dark denim jeans to the office and loose-fitting 501’s with a vintage shirt on the weekend. It’s as simple as that. However, I would suggest you let go of the logocentric t-shirts and zip-up hoodies in combination with a pair of trainers.

What Shoes Should a Man Own at 30?-6812

If you’re searching for casual shoes for men in their 30s, trainers aren’t your only option. At first thought, brogues or loafers might seem a bit formal to hang out with your friends, but it’s all about how you wear them. A pair of slim-fit jeans (distressed for an extra casual feel) look good with brogues. Depending on your style, you could roll up the hems, put on a funky pair of socks or just wear the look with a t-shirt and bomber. Simple, casual. Brogues or loafers often have a colourful detailing, such as a red sole or laces. They're fun and definitely a pair of shoes for a man in their 30s.

I also don't think enough men are wearing ankle boots! If you'd rather not walk around a bar in an expensive bar of suede boots then a leather pair of Chelsea boots are equally as cool. 

You don't have to wear a pair of ankle boots with skinny jeans

  • chinos and a casual ribbed sweater
  • black denim shorts and a loose-fitting tropical shirt 
  • jumpsuit for men - uber-trendy
  • Tailored trousers and a turtleneck

Check out our blog Men's Chelsea Boots Outfits for more outfit inspiration!

Dr. Martens. My all-time favourite style of shoe. They might seem a little clunky and heavy for the summer, but the Derby shoes go with every outfit. It doesn't matter your age,  I would say a pair of DM's is a must-have shoe for your wardrobe. 

If you are hoping for more of a summer shoe to swap with your trainers: espadrilles are your answer. These shoes are having a comeback moment. The lightweight, comfortable and practical shoe will definitely get you through your summer holiday. For a more business casual look pair your espadrilles with some chinos and a simple tee. 

I must admit, espadrilles are not my favourite. Personally, if you're looking for a lightweight summer shoe I'd go full circle and just suggest you buy a new pair of... trainers. I know that we were exploring other options but there is definitely a mature way to wear a pair of trainers. It's time to put the #logomania to one side and find yourself a dark pair of tennis shoes. Or even a pair of trainers in disguise: pick yourself a leather pair of tennis shoes or something similar which is still as comfortable. Here are my favourite suggestions.

What do you think? Are you a 30 year old man, would you agree? Have I missed a pair of shoes off? Let me know in the comments!

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