What shoes to wear with wide leg pants

By Annabel van Eijk | Sponsored | Styles | Ads Disclosure | 10/02/2020 16:13
4 shoes to wear with Wide Leg pants

With their flattering high cut and 70s feel, the wide-leg trousers have been back for a while now, but I got a bit stuck figuring out what shoes to wear with them. This seems even more like a minefield when you realise that actually, all those shoe trends we’re buying into don’t actually suit these wide-leg trousers. (Drama!) But before you throw out those trousers in despair, we’re here to tell you exactly what shoes you should be wearing with them.

The Wide Leg trousers Trend 2018/2019

I’m not complaining about loose-fitted trousers, simply because they are perhaps the most flattering trousers out there. Find one that has a high waist and sits relatively tight around your behind, this will be the most flattering. The wide-leg hides the calves we can feel a bit insecure about from time to time, for me as a true pear shape, it’s a welcome change to skinny jeans.

Shoes and Wide Leg Trousers

So chunky sneakers have made a real comeback along with rugged lace-up boots and platform sandals. These shoes look great contrasted with feminine dresses or under a pair of classic slim jeans. Chunky shoes with wide-leg trousers? Not so much. As a general rule of thumb, you can follow: wide trouser go best with delicate shoes! Let me explain…

4 shoes to wear with Wide Leg pants

1. Kitten heels

Kitten heels have been thrown into a time machine from the 50s and just like that, they are here to stay. The classic shoe is pretty much as delicately feminine as it gets, but right now it’s also super on-trend. Roll up your trousers to show off those cuties and feel like a modern Audrey Hepburn.

2. Classic Trainers

I’d say to completely avoid trainers because they could make you look shorter with wide trousers, but I don’t like to exclude these comfy shoes. If Kitten Heels are a little too ladylike for you, then go for a simple and classic white or black shoe. That means anything from simple canvas sneakers to Adidas Stan Smith's and Converse low tops. The Converse shoes particularly could give you that nonchalant retro vibe if that’s your thing! Just remember chunky = a no-no.

4 shoes to wear with Wide Leg pants

3. Pointy Shoes

Shoes that have a pointed toe have found their match made in heaven with wide-leg trousers, we wouldn’t recommend wearing them with any other trousers actually. The toe will peek out from under, so consider going for a nice colour to really give your look that eye-catching touch. If you go for some pointed pumps you have the advantage of that extra height which in combination with wide-leg trousers will make you look nice and tall.

4. Ankle Boots

When it comes to what shoes to wear with wide-leg trousers, Another fool-proof footwear option are ankle boots with a bit of a heel. Again, the extra height will be super flattering and you should try and find one in a different colour from the trousers you’re planning to look amazing in.

4 shoes to wear with Wide Leg pants

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